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Let's discuss -- backwards compatibility downgrades?

This is becoming ridiculously controversial and we simply can't ignore a chance to let the 360 fanboys who inexplicably come here day after day vent their frustrations on our system. We do that because we love you too, even if you don't love us, oh alpha male gamers. Assert your superiority by stepping on us, go ahead! Anyway, all sarcasm aside, there has been a lot of cinematography and screenshottery depicting insanely bad resolution/graphical issues with a wide number of PS2 games played on the PS3. The video is on YouTube -- the "oh, wow" moment for me came about two minutes and twenty seconds in -- when the screen is split on Tidus' face (from Final Fantasy X).

Some say that the first batch o' PS3's are the ones with this issue, some say it's completely random, some say it's all PS3's and still others claim that it's the TV's being played on. It's apparently not the TV, or the cables, or the games themselves. It's the system. But is it all the systems? We're handing out our junior detective badges to all our super-sleuth readers to check your systems with the games mentioned on the original thread or the games on the video.

Are you ready? Let's begin the investigation... and if it's a truly unanimous issue, Sony, we know you don't read this site, but by golly, this can be fixed with a firmware update. Please?

[thanks MiKE and/or Slurrey!]

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1. You assume too much Nick. Everyone with something negative to say about PS3 must be a 360 fanboy by default huh?

Did it occur to you they might be annoyed PS3 fanboys? Or people who "were" PS3 fans but are now jilted by how many corners Sony cut to get to market.

I know it's hard for you to fathom the idea that some gamers don't like to just bend over for Sony and take it, but we aren't all wimps who politely grovel before game companies picking up the scraps of their failed projects for them.

Posted at 11:46AM on Dec 14th 2006 by vox

2. i have only played a couple of ps2 games so far on the ps3 (busy playing ps3 games, and when im not, im busy tinkering around in ydl getting mplayer, etc working). i have looked at mgs: subsistence and xenosaga3. i guess i got a good one, or those games are fine, or my tv is super... as i dont see it. it looks just like the original. it doesnt look any BETTER than the original... but definitely not worse. the only thing i have noticed is it seems to be a little darker shades (kind of like these images all over the net)... it may be my imagination though. im not going to hook back up my ps2 to test.

you know what would be nice though? a day when the uber whiners and complainers actually gave more of a shit about making "their prefered console of choice" better.... or *gasp* god forbid actually playing the games on their console, rather than spending months taking a magnifying glass to a monitor to look for ps3 flaws. unless you own stock in m$, sony, or nintendo... why the HELL does it matter what the rest are doing? its odd seeing this gang mentality.

granted... i digg on the wii every chance i get, as i am severely disappointed in it. i wanted one when the revolution was first let out of the bag. then as the details came in... it slowly turned me. no hdd... no hd support... no nothing. and the 360... well... after 3 consoles failed in two months, i was pretty much done with that pile.

regardless... on this issue though: i dont see it. maybe its just certain games... but ive yet to see the dreaded pixelation that has every 360 owner up in arms. (ironic, isnt it?)

Posted at 11:52AM on Dec 14th 2006 by Microdot

3. "Or people who "were" PS3 fans but are now jilted by how many corners Sony cut to get to market."

and that tells me you were biased from the start. what cut corners? for fucks sake... first its too much added to it... we want choice in blu-ray... we dont want it forced... we dont need 1080p... etc. now its cut corners? maybe you should go grab the latest talking points from m$ and brush up a little bit.

how about this: if its got the games you want to play - get one. if it doesnt... dont. pretty simple, isnt it? think you can wrap your brain around that idea?

Posted at 11:54AM on Dec 14th 2006 by Microdot

4. Hey, at least you guys get to play them.

What the hell am I going to do with my (now illegal) copy of The Guy Game? BG&E? Capcom Classics? Mega Man Anthology? Sniper Elite? D&D: Heroes? they're currently collecting dust.

The graphics on those games were kinda shitty anyway.

Posted at 12:20PM on Dec 14th 2006 by KilgoreTrout XL

5. hmm that's weird I dont see any differences in my monitor though while playing FFXII. It could be because i play it on a low res (pc monitor).. but i dunno. So far.. (and always be) I'm impressed with the system.

oh and yea that doesnt seem strange to me because most of the posters did 2 things:
1. Bashing ps3 in the name of 360
2. Keep telling 360 > ps3 in the most annoying manner.

Just like my co worker. He tried to persuade and influence me not to buy PS3, because PS3 was a joke (bad, buggy etc). Yet, he told me to buy 360, and if I had to buy a different console as my last resort.. a WII. It's just it really annoys me that someone who doesn't has PS3 speaks.

Even though he had one, I'd take that as a suggestion but other than that..

And anyway.. when I told him I got a PS3, his reaction was like hmmpphh.. sigh.. whatever..

yea .. whatever.

Posted at 12:26PM on Dec 14th 2006 by rockstar

6. I tested the games on my PS2 and my PS3.

When using the standar cables the games don't look very nice (specially noticeable in FFXII) as the videos are pixelated and such on the PS3, PS2 looks great (very nice game). Shadow of the Colossus did look better on the PS3, the framerate was smoother. I did miss the rumble on that game though.

When using the HDMI cable, the image became much much better. I didn't use the progressive scan function or anything, just the Vanilla.

My TV set is a Toshiba HD CRT, it is a year old and it is (or was last year) entry level. Not very expensive, note very versatile. Nothing special.

He dicho.

Posted at 12:54PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Weymaster

7. @ vox -- I apologize. Again, my cynicism got the better of me and it was pretty tough to detect, I gather. Or else ya really wanted to yell at me, huh? =P

No worries. I get that when I talk to people. I'll be completely sarcastic and they'll, well, slap me every once in a while. Anywho, hope it didn't ruin your day!

Posted at 1:10PM on Dec 14th 2006 by ndoerr

8. I think it has to do with trying to scale the image wider than rendered. I haven't tried to play around with it, but check and see if it matters if you set it to display in 4:3 or 16:9. You can see that the pixels are shifted horizontally, not vertically. Also, hooking up HDMI will not allow it to run in 480i. At least mine doesn't give the option for 480i. I haven't tried it yet.

Posted at 1:37PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Andir2.0

9. I don't see why they couldn't just upscale them like the 360 does (unless the PS3 really doesn't have a scaler). Most PS2 games need the help. I swear they promised that they were going to upscale PS1 and PS2 games up to 1080p. Maybe it's my fault for assuming they would at least do that.

As far as the PS3 vs 360 fanboy war, the assumption cannot be made on both sides in regards to quality. Plenty of PS3's (and Wii's) are going to have their own set of problems, so it's a little early to claim higher reliability on the PS3's (or Wii's) end.

Sony pissed me off with the DRE problem in the PS2's multiple times. And their constant deceit is annoying as well. Microsoft pissed me off with the 90 day warranty and the red lights issue in the 360's. Both companies have no idea what "customer service" means.

I've yet to have a problem with Nintendo, but I'm going to bet that the Wii will bring me my first Nintendo mishap. On the other hand, I know they have the best CS of the three, so concerns are low.

(BTW, how long is the PS3's warranty so we can rub that in Microsoft's face?)

Posted at 1:45PM on Dec 14th 2006 by SuicideNinja

10. @rockstar: BTW, my friends did the same thing. 360 owners definately have something against the PS3. I think it has to do with the fear of content loss. :p I've never been happier with my PS3 to be perfectly honest and I could care less what Sony "said" as long as they put out a good system. This scaling thing I can see as a firmware issue. If not, I'm not losing sleep on it. My console hasn't bricked, red lighted, scratched discs, lost connection with the controller, or been dropped from an online game. So I can't complain.

Posted at 1:49PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Andir2.0

11. Sony's warranty is 1 year.

He dicho.

Posted at 1:54PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Weymaster

12. SuicideNinja: "I don't see why they couldn't just upscale them like the 360 does (unless the PS3 really doesn't have a scaler). Most PS2 games need the help. I swear they promised that they were going to upscale PS1 and PS2 games up to 1080p."

the overwhelming majority of ps2 games were not created in a 16:9 aspect ratio, or for hd since it was not possible with the ps2. upsizing a 640x480 output to 1920x1080.... its going to look like shit. it doesnt matter what kind of hardware you have... there is nothing on the planet that would make it look good. the xbox had the advantage of coming out originally when wide screen was starting to take off, and accomodated it. games were written for it (although not all) and some even for hd resolutions. thats the difference. scaling a 852x480 (480p) screen up to 1920x1080 takes nothing. open an image in photoshop and try it out. you'll see what i mean.

to my knowledge, sony never said anything about game up-res-ing. i remember them mentioning upscaling dvd's i think... but its a vague memory (and i think it was mentioned that it will be in an upcoming firmware update). welcome to prove me wrong though. i havent paid that close of attention to the older games or movie aspect of it. only the hardware, open platofmr, and ps3 games themselves (which is all that matters to me)

Posted at 2:30PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Microdot

13. I have noticed no serious issues with PS2 games looking like crap. And I played a good 30 hours of FF12 on my PS3 (after playing 60 hours on my ps2).

Certain things (like the logos in the beginning)are oddly aliased, but the ingame graphics looked the exact same.

This is on a 50" 1080p DLP hooked up with HDMI cables. If it was a 'serious' issue, my roommate and I would have noticed it. (And he's actually kind of a 360 fanboy and he said he didn't notice a damn thing either.)

Honestly the biggest thing I noticed was that the gamma was cranked up compared to the ps2. Other than that, I got no issues with PS2 games on my PS3.


Posted at 3:18PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Colin

14. This game was jaggy when using the ps3. The same hold's true with older ps1 games, such was Ridge racer two. I thought it was due to me using the HDMI cable, I was thinking that it'd look better if the regular video(yellow, red, white) cables were used.

Posted at 3:47PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Thomas

15. End of Discussion.
How can 360 Fanboys even get into this argument.

Less than 5% of XBox Games Run on the 360.
So if you own any of the other 95%. YOU DONT EVEN GET TO PLAY IT.

I'll take slight Graphical Downgrades over a message that basically says "Sorry, but Microsoft did a terrible job making you 360 Backwards Compatible, You Can't play this Game".

This terrible job of backwards compatibility has caused me to favor buying PS3 versions of multi-platform games.
Outside of Halo3 I don't think I will be buying anymore 360 games. Because what is going to happen in 5 years when the Next Xbox Comes out.

Posted at 3:55PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Scott Krueger

16. i figured everyone was having this problem with their ps3's.

i tried metal gear solid 3 yesterday, it was so awful u could literally count the pixels on my screen.

Posted at 4:05PM on Dec 14th 2006 by chillski

17. Scott,
I agree that PS3 still has the advantage over Xbox 360 in backwards compatability, but then you just fall off from there. They didn't do a "terrible job" of making the 360 backwards compatable, they did a great job, considering what had to be done to get the games to run. The PS3 doesn't have to emulate the hardware of the PS2, so the process of playing old games is a LOT simpler. Also, you say you are not going to buy any more 360 games at all besides Halo 3 because they may not be playable on the next Xbox... are you serious? There are *very* few games that I would want to play non stop for 5 years. By that logic, what's the point of investing in a gaming console at all if you stop using it when the next console comes out? You just simply can't live by that kind of code in the electronics world; things get outdated too fast. Maybe you should try picking up knitting or pottery. Those things are timeless.

Posted at 4:13PM on Dec 14th 2006 by David

18. Got a serious question:

What is the display setting on the PS3 when people run PS2 games? Can someone try running the PS3 at the lowest resolution setting (actually set the res down in system settings) and run the PS2 game, rather than leave it at 1080p and run the PS2 game? Does anyone think this will help?

I don't actually have a PS3 so can't run through it myself, but am very curious.

I imagine it's sort of like when you run a PC game on an LCD at non-native resolution, or unmatching resolutions, and it looks worse/fuzzier/etc.

Posted at 4:20PM on Dec 14th 2006 by JK

19. I have a 360. I would like a few xbox games to be playable on the 360, but they aren't. If I really wanted to play them that bad I would just hook up my Xbox. I am going to get a 360, but only when there are games that are ps3 only and are actually worth it. I will try to get one in the spring when Warhawk comes out. I'll probably get resistance also. There isn't much right now that separates the ps3 from 360 most of the games are on both systems and we all know that the 360 versions look better. We all know this may be because of developers lack of experience with the cell. Fight Night had no excuse though and they messed that up. The ps3 won't have any good exclusives until next fall at least. The 360 is a year ahead but it has alot of great games you can only get on it. If you think I am a fanboy fine, but all I have said makes sense.

Posted at 6:14PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Tristan

20. I’m so tired of hearing fanboy this and fanboy that. I own all 3 new systems, and each has their flaws. But you people that just hang on one company’s nuts are funny. Your like a free PR Rep that really has no idea what your talking about.

Posted at 6:16PM on Dec 14th 2006 by Groogy

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