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Blu-ray movie releases for the week of December 11th

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And they keep rolling in . . . 5 more Blu-ray movies to add to your ever-growing collection this week. I've got my copy of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and I know all of you can't wait to get their hands on The Devil Wears Prada (for your wife/girlfriend of course!).

Blu-ray Movie Releases

  • American Classic
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Kung Fu Hustle
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  • World Trade Center

As always, availability is subject to manufacturer delivery.

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1. with all the new reports and comments going arround that Blu-Ray sales are not doing so well, I'd like to ask and see how many PS3 owners have gone out and purchased a Blu-Ray title yet and if so, how many do you own.

Posted at 1:02PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Nick

2. I am a PS3 owner and I own around 20 Blu-ray movies. Almost every single one of them looks amazing at 1080p. True 1080p.

Posted at 2:18PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Andy

3. Yeah, I own about 5. They are cheaper than HD-DVDs and can be found at quiet reasonable prices on or marketplace. Don't think I paid more than 18 dollars for any of them.

For the record, Corpse Bride is freaking INCREDIBLE looking at 1080p. Best looking movie so far in my opinion. If you have an HD set that is bigger than 27", then it is definitely worth it to try out some blu-ray movies.

I'm never going to replace my DVD collection, thats retarded. But will I buy new movies as Blu-ray? Hell yeah! They look freaking great. Oh, also I'll probably be replacing some of the eye candy movies, like Star Wars and LoTR at some point.

Considering that Blu-ray is NOT PURELY A SONY BRAND, it really bugs me that blu-ray is automatically equated to Betamax. The differences in Blu-ray vs betamax (or any previous sony format other than floppy disks) are profound to say the least.

And interesting read is the wikipedia article about betamax, it goes into the VHS/Betamax war and gives some good indicators about what really caused betamax to fail.

Top two reasons?
1. VHS could store longer shows with its 4 hour tape (Long Play) vs the 2 hours of betamax. This is considered the number one reason it won out. This time around, Blu-ray has the higher level of storage.

2. Betamax was more expensive. The PS3 costs about as much as most HD-DVD players, and reviews indicates that the PS3 performs just as well as a movie player as the stand alone ones do. Blu-ray standalones still cost more though.

So there are some similaraties, and some crucial differences as well. To read more, check it out here:

And in the meantime, if you got a PS3, pick up a couple blu-ray movies. You'll be blown away.


Posted at 3:19PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Colin

4. Oh, also -

Kung Fu Hustle!!!!


Posted at 3:26PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Colin

5. Let's get the Criterion Collection people working on 1080p versions of movies like 8 1/2, Citizen Kane, Le Regle de Jeu, A Boute de Souffle, L'Atalante, The Wild Bunch, Battleship Potempkin, Metropolis, Il Gattopardo, Satyricon, The Bicycle Thief, The Godfather, The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Time Bandits, La Ville des Enfants Perdu, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligiari, Bonnie and Clyde, Splendor in the Grass, Rashoman, Mean Streets, Tokyo Story, 2001: A Space Oddyssey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Delicatessen, L'Avventura, Pi, Eraserhead, M, The MAltese Falcon, Chinatown, La Strada ...
I'm probably forgetting some but those are the ones that come to mind immediately. Get those and I'll spend whatever it takes.

(Yes I know many of those are not Criterion collection DVDs right now, but Criterion does the best job of going back to the original - or as close as possible - prints and touching them up, I wouldn't trust these movies to anyone else. God help me if they ever get their hand on the holy grail - an uncut copy of Greed - I may just explode from joy)

Posted at 4:51PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Brian

6. Blu-Ray is great...the problem is that HD-DVD is simply better.

HD-DVD drives are cheaper by far. The PS3 is the only Blu-Ray drive south of $900. HD-DVD has had more movies since the start and maintains a lead in the amount and arguably the quality of Titles released.

HD-DVD movies also are know to look much nicer than Blu-Ray as many Blu-Ray titles continue to use MPEG-2 encoding as oppossed to the far superior VC-1 that HD-DVD uses. Due to this Blu-Ray has alienated many early adopters who take notice of these things.

HD-DVD is also a very recognizable branding...your average Joe will not be able to guess what Blu-Ray needs some explanation.

Blu-Rays only hope is the PS3 at this point as HD-DVD players and media have been outselling Blu-Ray by a huge margin.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar???

Posted at 5:02PM on Dec 12th 2006 by poseidon

7. Posedion,
HD-dvd players (before this holiday season) had sold approx ~60k, with blu-ray selling 30k. Not exactly a stomping either way. Not exactly a huge margin. In fact, thats so little that this past year barely counts.

Your knowledge of blu-ray video quality vs hd-dvd quality is flawed and outdated. Look at any of the HD movie review sites ( and you'll see that they've both hit the same level of quality several months ago. In fact, a ton of Blu-rays use VC-1 now. You need to read up on your techs again.

And HD-DVDs only have a slightly larger selections. has I think 10 more HD titles than Blu-ray titles (240 vs 230 if memory serves right). And your comment about the best movies being released on HD-DVD is pretty much nonsense, considering what, only 1 company is releasing exclusively on HD-DVD? The vast majority of them are both or Blu-ray exclusive.

Sony owns 50% of all color movies ever made because of their recent studio purchases in the last 5 years. And Apple and Disney both back them exclusively. And don't think that Disney is just animated movies (though those alone tend to hold the highest sales records on home media), but also Miramax, Buena Vista, and Pixar.

Blu-ray hasn't exploded yet, because studios were holding it off until new players came out. Well the players are out (Pioneer, Elite, Sony and the PS3) and the blu-ray movies are flowing freely.

You use the standard failed argument that everybody on teh Internets uses. It is not based on logic and rather a dislike of Sony and Sony formats.

I don't know which one will 'win', but the people that have said the fight is already done are just idiots.

It hasn't even started yet.


Posted at 6:14PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Colin

8. Oh, also Sony Movies broke a record this year by 11 (probably 12 by the end of the year) of their movies opened at Number 1 in the box office. This is a huge feat by itself. (Source:

And considering that these movies will never be released on HD-DVD, thats another pretty nice feather in Sony's hat.

It's new movies and classic eye candy that will drive sales of next gen DVDs. And so far, Sony has a lock on that front that HD-DVD cannot even touch.


Posted at 6:22PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Colin

9. I own about 3 to 4 bluray movies and will buy more as they are released. Monster House looks great btw.

Posted at 6:37PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Neil

10. The only good new title among them Blu-rays is Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. Though flawed, it was a worthy look at 9/11 through the eyes of multiple real-life characters.

Still the music that played during the moment Nicolas Cage was being pulled out from the rubble, sounded too victorious.

Posted at 10:21PM on Dec 12th 2006 by Ritchie Nolasco

11. Sorry for the spam but i just have to do it:

Thats a mint 20GB PS3 with a 1 year service contract from gamecrazy. Sorry, but I need to get rid of the damn thing.

Posted at 11:44PM on Dec 12th 2006 by icemorebutts

12. A console for watching (expensive) movies !!! NO WAY IT'S CHEESY, it never caught on with the PS2 or Xbox 1 and it's not gonna happen now.
I agree with the above posting that HD-DVD is the recognizable brand and when the prices drop that is the brand I and people I know are going to buy.

Posted at 3:57AM on Dec 13th 2006 by R.I.P Blueray

13. R.I.P. Bluray - when was last time you were in a college dorm? I don't think I'veever seen a stand alone dvd player in a dorm and that dates bac kto 2001. The key demographic for Blu Ray and the PS3 are college aged students who watch movies more for special effdects and eye candy than anyone else.

Personally the only reason I now own a stand along dvd player is because it was given to me from a friend and it had surround sound. Before that, i USED MY ps2 FOR 3 YEARS

Posted at 9:49AM on Dec 13th 2006 by Nick

14. @Nick...

When was the last time you saw a college student with a 42 inch plasma TV using HDMI with a 6.1 surround sound system to enjoy those blu-ray players? Probably NEVER! The key demographic for blu-ray isn't college students.

Posted at 12:54PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Tim

15. @Nick

What are you talking about? The fact that nobody had a stand alone Blu-Ray player in 2001 is the reason that it will fail? The fact that you used your PS2 to play DVD's is the reason it will fail? The fact that you've been in the same dorm since 2001?

Since when have high-end electronics been targeted at college students with no money? And the PS3 with a built-in Blu-Ray player is meant to accomplish the same as the PS2 with the built-in DVD player. High install base. I'm only responding because your argument is so backwards that it made me laugh and confused me at the same time...not because your comment actually warranted any response.

Posted at 3:02PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Nash

16. @Nick

Ooops...didn't realize you were commenting on R.I.P Bluray's comments! I take back everything except for the fact that bluray is not aimed at college students. Like I said, I was confused!

Posted at 3:31PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Nash

17. I'm sorry I've confused a few people, but I still believe that the target demographic is college students. They might not have a 42" Plasma TV, but I bet if you did a survey of all the people who have purchased a PS3 so far you would see that most of them are still using CRT's and maybe only half of the overall tv's are even HD.

People always think that college students have no money to spend which might be true, but other than school bills which are mostly on loand they don't pay for anything else except a cell phone bill. College students have more iPods, more cell phones, more video games, and other electronics than anyone else.

I found this article that shows just how much college students spend on high tech toys.

Posted at 4:11PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Nick

18. This seem pretty pointless to say what format will win, both formats are great. HD>SD. Besides I find it funny on both sides, Hd-dvd-microsoft(microsoft fans support)and Blue-ray is Sony. I mean come on guys get over it. The real question to ask is, would you truely care about any of the formats if they weren't apart of the next-gen battle? Probally not, becuase you would have a blue-ray drive if it wasn't in the ps3.

Posted at 8:48PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Ethan

19. Both formats will fail. The market is not ready for a new format so soon when DVD's are still going strong. By the time the market is ready HVD's (Holographic Versatile Disc's - 3 Terabytes of storage) will be out.

Posted at 9:44PM on Dec 13th 2006 by Shawn

20. the big misconception regarding the PS3 and Blu Ray (i admit that i too thought this, until we got our PS3), is that you *NEED* an HDTV and uber sound system to enjoy it.

right now, we're playing the PS3 on a 27" standard def tv, with a low end, but effective speaker system (not surround sound), and the experience has been more than pleasant. games like Resistance own, Genji, though mediocre in many respects, looks absolutely phenomenal on a standard def tv, and Taladega Nights and Mission Impossible 3 look better than their DVD counterparts, even though on a standard def TV. we've also hooked up the PS3 to my roommate's father's 52" 720p set and were also blown away.

Sony is pushing high def because they need to make money on more than just PS3s and games. unfortunately, those on the internet tend to get a bit confused, and think that an HDTV is a *necessity* to enjoy the PS3 or Blu Ray. it is not, but there is no denying that having a high def set will enhance the experience tenfold.

what should also be noted is that most people that are planning on purchasing a new TV in the next year or two, are going to be purchasing a High Def set. i am just one of those people. there are millions more like me.

also, who says you have to have that 60" 1080p anyway? i'm looking at the Best Buy paper for this week right now, and they have 19"-37" 720p HDTVs for $299-999 respectively. and this is a retail chain known for marking products up. on the net, i'm sure you'll find even cheaper prices at that.

my point is that the battle hasn't even begun yet, and it won't begun until HD DVD and Blu Ray players reach mainstream price tags.

the biggest factor in Blu Ray's corner is the PS3 (you guys are seriously deluding yourselves if you think there aren't a few million Playstation fans that are still eager to get a PS3 of their own, regardless of price), and the fact that 7 out of the 8 major motion picture studios are supporting Blu Ray, while only 3 are supporting HD DVD, and only one exclusively (Universal).

so far, the PS3 has sold 400,000 worldwide (i'm including the 200,000 for the US, and the 80,000 for Japan, and the additional shipments that have sold out thus far). stand alone HD DVD players, and the HD DVD add on for the 360 have sold a total of around 95,000 units (i believe there are about 60,000 HD DVD players, and 35,000 360 HD DVD add-ons sold thus far), it doesn't take a math genius to see that, so far, Blu Ray has taken the lead. if each Playstation 3 owner purchases one Blu Ray (i haven't even started buying my Blu Ray movies yet, but i will in about a week), and they are pleased with the results, they will buy more, and they will tell their friends about it. even their non-gaming, mainstream friends. those friends will inquire about it in further detail, then make a decision about which format they should back based off of that information, and off of what they see from their friends, and in the stores (as an aside, i was in Best Buy two days ago, and i was hard-pressed to find the HD DVD kiosk with HDDVD movies on display. the Blu Ray kiosk, however, was right in front, as soon as you enter the television section of the store).

anyway, there are way too many people on the internet jumping to conclusions, and basing those conclusions off of irrelevent data (such as the Betamax and VHS battle), incomplete information, and personal bias.

the plus is that even if Blu Ray fails to take off for films, the PS3 is still using it for games (and you're a fool if you think that games don't get larger as a generation progresses. Blue Dragon is already 3 discs long. imagine how obnoxious it would be to have to swap discs while playing a Grand Theft Auto game, a game that's sole purpose is to give the illusion of a cohesive, believable city. for over 20 years, video games have grown in capacity. accept that the same will happen this time as well).

Posted at 9:11PM on Dec 15th 2006 by Figboy

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