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Today, a PS3 was delivered to my door. Finally, the wait is over. It's a 60-giger and it is beautiful! Seriously, this is the most beautiful game console ever developed. The 360 looks like a toy and the Wii just looks uber-blah next to the shiny black silkyness of the PS3. Unfortunately, my new HDMI cables arrive tomorrow, so this thing is hooked up via the included composite cables. Initial impressions? Let me say this... Resistance: Fall of Man looks like complete ASS on an HDTV using composite. I mean BAD!

I'll be back soon with some game reviews, Blu-ray reviews and maybe a few "surprises." Please join me in welcoming my PS3 into the PS3 Fanboy community. Finally!

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1. Congratulations!!! You guys deserve it.

Can’t wait to get my own........

Posted at 9:47PM on Dec 6th 2006 by Snake

2. Unfortunately eddyboy =(
I can't join you 1) because i have a summative assignment due. 2) I DONT HAVE MY PS3 YET =(

I'll join you once that happens though. Thanks for the invite! And of course, show me how sleek that baby is. Ohhhh baby.

Posted at 10:10PM on Dec 6th 2006 by Dahk

3. Congratulations, Ed! You lucky bastard. Can I ask how you procured it so I can replicate your good fortune?! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help... or else I'll just stew in my jealousy! Seriously though, congrats man.

Posted at 10:14PM on Dec 6th 2006 by ndoerr

4. lol. Congrats

Posted at 10:25PM on Dec 6th 2006 by Alan

5. What do you guys objectively think of gamespot saying that the 360 versions of ported games look better than the ps3 versions of the same games? click on my url to follow the link.

Not trying to start anything here, just curious what everyones thoughts are.

Posted at 10:48PM on Dec 6th 2006 by Frosty22

6. Hey Congrats Man! I am glad you finally got it. I was surprised and felt bad for you not having PS3 but be able to run the website devoted to it. I almost wanted to get you one myself as I have one extra PS3 sitting. Enjoy it. HDMI connection will blow your mind! Hope you updated the firmware as well.

Posted at 10:56PM on Dec 6th 2006 by Stan

7. @Frosty22, I think it's a silly comparison, and one that does not really give any real indication of advantage of one system over the other. Two different video cards, two different consoles, one crappy developer EA (or should I say port-er), not to mention basically no technical details on video mode used and real time video footage. And where are the Ridge Racer comparison shots? Hmmm???

If anyone wants to send me a friend request on the Playstation Network, my sig is IronArcher

Congrats on the 60 gig'r Ed!

Posted at 11:22PM on Dec 6th 2006 by cheese

8. Oh right, because the PS3 doesn't ship with component or HDMI cables.

Posted at 11:53PM on Dec 6th 2006 by BklynKid

9. Hey...Thats good for you eddie....Not trying to brag..but Ive been having it since the second shipment in happy was I, I know how you feel buddy.By the way My name on the Ps3 Is "Ecliptic" ring me up and we'll kill each other on Resistance:Fall of Ed ...(haha you like that smart right..yeah)One

Posted at 12:29AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Sisco

10. good job ed!!
yeah i've had mine since november 23rd,
it looks amazing with HDMI,
i can't wait for you to find out!!
my playstation ID is "KevinChaos"

add me

Posted at 12:42AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Kevin

11. hey stan- ill take the extra ps3 u have...

Posted at 12:48AM on Dec 7th 2006 by greg

12. Gratz! I was lucky enough to get mine on launch... without having to wait in line no less!

and yet i still cant find a Wii... *shrugs*

Anywho if anyone wants to add me my name is "CainneChapel"

Posted at 3:40AM on Dec 7th 2006 by JJ

13. Posted at 11:21PM on Dec 6th 2006 by cheese

" *snip* ... And where are the Ridge Racer comparison shots? Hmmm???"

Also, Gamespots comparison was not arbitrary simply because there were eight cross-console games being compared, by a variety of developers in a variety of genres. Most of those dev's had more than enough time to make any 'additions' to the PS3 version...but are we to conclude they are all lazy or incapable, hence the similar to or less than quality of the PS3 versus the 360?

Posted at 4:17AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Fo-Wii-eal

14. Hey fellow ps3 fanboy readers! and of coruse the lucky Ed ;-). Gratz on getting ur ps3s today!!!

Now let's get online together and pwn some people in Restance int he name of ps3fanboy!!

Add me to your friendslist!

my PlayStation network name: Aselus

See ya online! (ayone who wants to can add me, jsut say in the comment that you're from ps3fanboy) ;-)

Posted at 4:25AM on Dec 7th 2006 by AKozlenok

15. I got mine this morning as well. It looks gorgeous on composite, havent tried HDMI yet. (I have my HDMI dedicated to my HD Cable box... I will need to play around with it later.)

Posted at 8:08AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Andir2.0

16. Congratulations.

Posted at 9:20AM on Dec 7th 2006 by KilgoreTrout XL

17. "The 360 looks like a toy and the Wii just looks uber-blah next to the shiny black silkyness of the PS3."

And you think I should take the word of someone who sounds like they are 12 years old thanks to use of the word "uber"? Gush like a giddy dumbass much? Oh, that's right. I'm on a fanboy blog, where effort at being intelligent is dispensed with.

Why, oh why, does the appearance of the console translate into ANYTHING significant.

Wait until your "black silkyness" turns to "grey finger-print-y-ness". Now, go out and buy some real cables for your alleged "HD gaming system" that came with...what?...composites.

And, by the way, it's spelled "Silkiness".

Posted at 9:32AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Diamond Blade

18. Hey Diamond, did someone take a dump in your Fruit Loops this morning?

Posted at 9:59AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Hoopster

19. Actually, I pulled my PS3 out of the box and thought I'd have to wipe it down instantly hearing about all the fingerprint goodness but I didn't get one print on it. I even then tried to press my hand on the top to see if I could get something to show and it was a no-go. Maybe I just don't have oily hands? Not sure.

It is bigger than I thought, but no bigger than my DVD player. And the controller doesn't feel that much lighter to me. If I include the cable from the PS2 it's heavier, but on the controller itself, I think it's barely noticable.

I tossed around the idea of getting the 60G version, but I'm going to be swapping the drive out anyway. Add that to the fact that I don't have any memory sticks and it wasn't worth it to me for Wifi. I simply plugged in my router near my TV and got a wireless adapter for my PC. So far, no issues, the downloads have been relatively fast. I did cancel the Resistance Demo cause it was slow, but restarting it later let me download it pretty fast. (Enough time to cook up dinner.)

Oh, and the Motorstorm demo looks WAY better on the download version than the in store demo. That could be my TV as well. I'm sure the LCDs they have in store aren't the most expensive. Given that though, it looks like the models are different as well. Something just looks better. I can't quite pin it.

Posted at 10:37AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Andir2.0

20. @Hoopster: Ya. A slobbery PS3 fanboy did.

And it wasn't Fruit Loops.

It was Corn Pops.

@Andir2.0: Now, your's is a post I can respect...

Posted at 10:48AM on Dec 7th 2006 by Diamond Blade

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