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Oh, the humanity!

Wow. Just wow.

Ever see Deliverance? Substitute a PS3 for Ned Beatty and you've got the sequel right here.

That laugh will haunt me forever. Oh, and NSFW.

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1. Stupid rednecks... Can't even handle the greatness that is the PS3, so they do the one thing they are able to: clumsily destroy it.

Posted at 10:39PM on Nov 26th 2006 by gundamfan

2. This guys are absolutely insane! I mean for one they are totally dumb asses. Who in the right mind would pay $600 for something and destroy it just because they hate it? Sickos who have nothing better to do and were probably inbred. I bet they bought the PS3, took their Xbox 360 and put it inside the PS3 box and did all that to it. I personally think its a hoax since at no time did he show the inside of the box. It would have been funny if the PS3 used it's psychic powers to grab the chainsaw from him and cut him right through the middle ala Gears of War style. That would have been hysterical! Play B3yond Bit#@! Play B3yond!

Posted at 10:41PM on Nov 26th 2006 by Kevin

3. Losers. They definitely did not waste $600. They could have easily removed the PS3 and put some bricks or something in there. No one is THAT stupid.

Posted at 10:50PM on Nov 26th 2006 by Chucky

4. Fuck PS3 and its fanboys for being so stupid. Look her for the truth you dick faces. http://feeds.joystiq.com/~r/weblogsinc/joystiq/~3/54290910/

Posted at 11:12PM on Nov 26th 2006 by Alijah Green

5. i saw this vid on kotaku. It is as stupid here as it was there. they defenitly did not destroy a ps3 in that vid. The box they threw was too far in the air for it to have weighed 10lbs.

XBOX360 dogs FTW! LOL

That video was dumb. Sorry if you can't understand me.

Posted at 11:13PM on Nov 26th 2006 by CONFUSEDgam3r

6. What does FTW mean?

Posted at 11:29PM on Nov 26th 2006 by Adi

7. wow, all I can say is why are there no videos of ps3 fans killing a 360? taste perhaps? intelligence? I think the video-camera man's laugh, as well as his horribly shakey video skills say enough. Please stop trying to make us feel bad, we all know you just wanted one for yourselves.
Did anyone notice the hubcap fire pit? jesus christ is crying in heaven.

Posted at 11:40PM on Nov 26th 2006 by Jonathan Greene

8. Note how we never see the inside of the box.
I think that PS3 is sitting next to his xbox360 right now

Posted at 12:03AM on Nov 27th 2006 by pavof

9. #4, thanks for that. Here is another link that you might enjoy.
It's the one where a Resistance developer said 2 items were dropped out of Resistance to drop the final file size to 16GB. Oh, and he said that 38 days ago. Which means the little conspiracy all you 360 masterbaters think you found is something that the publisher announced themselves almost a full month before the game launched. lol@joo

Posted at 12:26AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Roofus

10. I agree. I'll believe that they did that when I see the burnt PS3.

Posted at 12:26AM on Nov 27th 2006 by hrf3420

11. Im a Nintendo fan and dont really like the PS3. But that was incredibly stupid, if they really did destroy it they are crazy. Wasting $600 just to do that.

Posted at 12:27AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Traveller

12. Well there are a few videos i have seen around that did similar to the xbox 360 when it first came out..

Overall its a pity that website like this show there videos i mean come on its just a attention seekers that are bored.

Myself im a xbox 360 fan but i also understand other people will like the nintendo Wii and the playstation 3

Posted at 12:35AM on Nov 27th 2006 by stud

13. stupid 360 fans. dont they understand that its just video games its not their whole life. they act like they are defneding a family member or something. to think that someone can spend money on a video game system which is perfectly normal but to destroy it.... com on get a life, their just fucking video games.

Posted at 12:47AM on Nov 27th 2006 by George

14. @ Alijah Green.

Wow just wow, you know calling others Fanboys makes you a Fanboy too.

By the way, insulting people just because the PlayStation 3 is their console choice well it shows one of two things: or you are a little spoiled child or you are a very immature person.

Your choice.

~ Cheers guys!

Posted at 12:57AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Night Elve

15. @ 14

Or because its fun,

just putting it out there

Posted at 1:18AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Zelo

16. Of all the people who got robbed with good intentions outside of retail stores for the PS3, why didn't they get this guy before he did this dumb sh**. For the sake of his sanity, I hope there wasnt a PS3 in the box. I also hope I get a job where I can have $600 (+tax) to burn.

Posted at 1:25AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Pete

17. obviously not real, if it were real they'd want to show the actual ps3 they destroyed after the chainsaw, not just the box.

Posted at 1:28AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Andy

18. As a PS2 fan, I really don't like the direction Sony went with the PS3, I know I won't be buying the system. However, I really wish the guys showed that the PS3 was actually inside the box, thereby showing that they really destroyed the system inside it. But alas they did not. Which means that I am pretty sure that they did not actually destroy the system. I am wondering if they even gone as far as to stick a piece of plastic or something inside it to make it seem like something was being destroyed inside the box.

I want evidence that this PS3 has been destroyed! I want to see this system ripped apart and its circuitry and wires strewn across the trees like Christmas decorations! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Posted at 1:52AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Kwipper

19. i was hoping they would of actually opened the box and prove that the PS3 was in the actual box. Besides for something thats 11lbs it flew through the air too lite the way the box spun. I seriously doubt these idiots actually distroyed their $600 investment. But if they did they need to know they aren't hurting Sony are changing any minds. They just waisted $600 for what exactly. lol!

Whats funny is this is the 2nd video that i've seen of someone recking a PS3 and in both the PS3 almost won lol! I love idiots they make the net fun lol!

Posted at 1:53AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Jamaicangmr

20. @ 15

that would be under immature person

Posted at 1:58AM on Nov 27th 2006 by Pipe

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