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(Y)our PS3 impressions, please!

We'd say "our", but then again, let me weave you a tale...

It was Wednesday morning -- a thin layer of ice covered my car, giving the appearance of a black piece of scrap metal crystallized, nay, immortalized, for a few hours. I bundled up in my trendy clothing, listened to my indie music and used a knife I keep in the center console of my car to slash at the ice so I could get to class.
Class itself was boring and I found it hard to concentrate on anything but my watch. I had plans. Diabolical plans. One class, two classes, the third class... I was finished. It only took a few hours, but I would never believe you if you told me that.
With haste I returned to my car, returned to my cozy apartment (which smells of onions thanks to a roommate who thought onions in a pantry would not begin to stink up the whole place), and placed some calls. First up was Best Buy.
"Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me your policy for the Playstation 3 launch."
"Well," the employee snuffed out a laugh, "we've already got about a dozen tents outside. Each with more than one person."
"Oh." My voice faltered, crushing my spirits just a little. "So, I guess that means you've pretty much run out of consoles?"
"Easily. Sorry, man."
I wouldn't give up. I hung up the phone and dialed both Wal*Marts in the area -- because for every one major retail chain, there will be two Wal*Marts. Both had similar responses. Both were unsure of allocation and had many, many people waiting.
Damn Athens, Georgia... being in one of the biggest college towns makes it incredibly difficult to do something like this. My heart sank, but there were a few aces up my sleeve.
Ace number one rolled in around midnight, November 17th, in a Pennsylvania Wal*Mart. My aunt. She walked away from the store quickly with a sigh. She got there at 12:01AM -- everything was gone.
Ace number two also failed. A friend in another state willing to attempt to grab two systems and was able to get none.
It's all over now. All that is left is to succumb to the artificial supply created by eBay or to simply wait it out. With a sigh, my adventure ended the afternoon of Wednesday, already left without a chance.

That's my story, but since we don't have one ourselves, we want you, the readers, who were able to snag a PS3, to leave either 1) your story or 2) your impressions -- was it worth it? Live up to the hype? etc, etc... you can even give us a review of the games you got with the system, if you'd like.

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21. Personally, I find it hilarious that people are willing to spend 40+ hours in line in addition to all the associated bullshit - for a measly one-time $1200 profit. Most people that hustle THAT much make much more than that with less effort.

Utilize your entrepreneurial spirits in a more productive fashion, people! Recycle cans...but take them to MICHIGAN or something - damn. If you're going to spend that much time, effort and aggravation - make some cash.

Posted at 12:06AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Doug 0 stars

22. I got one finally this morning, i went to one of the circuit citys 1 of 6 that had 100 units, it was crazy the mob of ppl. that failed so we went to a mall to bum rush the sony store 600+ people 9 units, things got really ugly with so many police in the mall with SHOTGUNS (bean bag shots) but still people were crawling on top of everybody . it was worth the camp out just to see all of this, but my Ebpre-order came through..

But i dont know if i should keep it or sell in on Ebay... its so tempting, i got resistence fall of man and everythings jus sitting on my couch now.. wanna play it kinda really bad.. lol

what would you do, sell or keep ???? help!!!

Posted at 12:39AM on Nov 18th 2006 by stylezNMA 0 stars

23. Hey guys!!!!

I have to tell you all about my PS3 camping adventures!!!!

I decided to call around to find out where i could get a ps3 to sell on ebay, because pre sales were going for thousands of dollars. So i called a bunch of places and they all said they only had about 10 units each and there were people lining up days before. Then i found one last futureshop that had only a few people outside, but only 12 units. It was a bit of a way aways, but i thought i'd go check it out. When i got there (thursday at 11:30 am) i found that they had 11 people in line and only 12 units :) CHA CHING!!!!!! I began my camping.

4 of the people had been there since tuesday at 10 pm. So i was lucky to score a place in line (although only for the remaining 20gb system) This futureshop did everything RIGHT. We had the most amazing Sales managed who made our wait over night incredibly amazing!!!!. He setup a xbox 360 with gears of war inside the store and lent us 2 wireless controllers so we could play through the window ALL NIGHT LONG. He also bought us hot chocolate several times, and constantly kept us up to date as to what accessories and games etc were coming into the store etc, and how they were going to handle the sales and the line etc.

The group of people in line were amazing, we all got along really well, played games, goofed around, bought beer and pizza (delivered to the line directly) and played video games all night (in the rain).

All night people drove up asking if there were any more spots left. We must have turned away over 200 people all throughout the night. I was full of adreniline i couldn't get to sleep at all, infact im still awake (going on 37 hours now). I can't fall asleep lol. We had lighting and thunder and one point. A car that got stuck on a curb which gave it a flat tire. AND a drive by Moon-ing !!!!! Apparently the guys over at the Best Buy line thought it would be funny :) They were jealous of our TV we had setup provided by futureshop :)

During the night we got interview by several news stations ( i fielded most of them cause no one else really wanted to appear as a uber geek (and several guys were skipping work to be there). So you might have seen me TV on several stations :)

Everyone in the line (except one guy) was planning on reselling the system on ebay. The average price for a ps3 right now according to some gaming site is $2600 USD which is what people are actually paying for. I'm jumping on that bandwagon. I'll keep you posted on how my final sale goes.

What a crazy night !!!!!!!

Posted at 1:21AM on Nov 18th 2006 by PiNPOiNT 0 stars

24. i pre-ordered through a friend almost a year ago... so i had one waiting for me, fresh off the truck. i feel for everyone that sat in line... but i dont have time to deal with that crap.

moving along:

i'll catch all sorts of flames, crying, whining, and feet stomping for this... but those who have made the claim that the ps3 and 360 are on par graphically... id like to ask what color crack you are smoking? granted... a lot of it has to do with running at 1080p... but even at 720p... the difference sitting side by side is night and day if you actually open your eyes and pay attention.

but enough with the flame bait....

the only real hangup i have is the controller. the feel and weight are fine. its the freaking usb cable that is bothering me. sure... once it was charged, theres no problem... but in the meantime, its a pain. but... i bought three of them, so i can have a constant rotation.

store: meh. its nice. ui is well thought out i suppose, but its still kind of bare. im sure that just day 1, and it will expand as time goes by.

pluses: the network is QUICK. i was severely impressed with the speed it moved. i grabbed several game demos (f1, blaster... or whatever that arcade type game is in there... the one with the "viruses"... motorstorm) and and previews of lair and a couple others. moved VERY quick. now, that may change as time moves on and more people get on it... but im extremely happy with it right now. games move extremely quick as well. AND... the best part... i didnt experience a single disconnect at all today or last night. i remember back when the console that shall not be named launched.... oh the horror.

xbox live still has the edge on the online portion... however, i can say im pleased with what sony has offered. no credit card... no payments... no tokens or any other type of crap.... just plug it in, and within seconds, i'm online playing resistance. for free. in 40 player deathmatches. both could stand to learn a few things from each other. sonys has a lot of potential to be great though. for me personally... i love it as i dont have to listen to the jagoffs, i get to play for free online (which is something i really dont get into... but its fun to do once a month or so) and i dont have to deal with all the other bs.

games: resistance is king. and im not a fps fan really. but that game has me hooked. GREAT launch title. also picked up marvel which is decent... rr7 which is ok i suppose (never really been a fan of the series... just wanted a racing game)... and cod 3 which looks spectacular, but is pretty much cod 2.

sixaxxis: THIS is what the wii should have been. when i first heard sonys idea, i admit i wasnt really liking it. but they have nailed it. IF i want the tilt... its there. if i dont... i shut it off. i dont have to dance around the living room like an idiot, and i really dont need to concentrate on it... the way it was put together, the movements come naturally in the game (ie: yanking away in hand to hand combat... ducking.. etc) they did good on this one. rumble: i honestly hadnt even though about it til just now in thinking of whatelse was new on the system. dont miss it. rumble is not a bad thing... but its one of those things i can definitely live without.

control panel: perfection. nice. simple. easy to understand. easy on the eyes. and its not cluttered to hell.

hardware: its funny to see all the "expert sources" stories kind of fall apart. 1. its quiet. REAL quiet. the damn thing is quieter than my freaking dvr. there is literally NO noise from it. 2. heat: none. zilch. nada. after what has now been almost 24 hours of straight playtime... it barely puts off a warm breeze from the fans. the case is still ice cold. 24 hours straight of some pretty strenuous play... and no glitches... no hang-ups... no lockups... not a single issue to report. working flawlessly.

blu-ray movies: (talledega nights that came with it) perfection. crystal clear, perfect surround sound... just flawless. and the ps3 doubles as a damn nice player as well. (jsut wish theyd spit out the remote already)

anyway... im sure i am biased... but ive tried to approach it open minded and neutral. overall, i love it. one of the best investments in playtime toys ive ever made.

throwing yellow dog on it tomorrow for some media center fun.

Posted at 1:58AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Microdot 0 stars

25. Now i see why Nintendo planed a Wii release after the PS3. All these people who had over $600 for the PS3 and did not get it would likely spend it on Wii.

Posted at 3:31AM on Nov 18th 2006 by iFreddy 0 stars

26. As soon as my holy trinity (RE, Sonic, DMC) were confirmed for the PS3 back in August, I decided to get one. My grandparents who lived 5 minutes away from an EB Games would spilt the cost of a 60 GB model and 2 games for my b-day/xmas.

I'm at college one night checking my e-mail, and I get the notice of the pre-orders. I call my grandparents and tell them to head over there tomorrow since I'm sure I wasn't the only one who got the message. The next day at school, I hear on the news that they were all packed with people so I call them up to tell them to forget about it and my grandfather just got back from dropping her off at 8:30am to wait in line!

At 9:55 the manager comes out and starts counting heads. He ends on my grandmother. "Lucky #13..." I got the LAST ONE...

Last week, I find out Sonic is being delayed. $#!T!! Then wednesday I hear the launch shipment was going to be less then they thought. Thursday, I get a call from the store manager:
"You can either switch to a 20GB system and be guarenteed one tomorrow or stay with the 60GB and hope we get enough." Hope? I prayed...

Today, I had 2 art critiques starting at 11:45am so I was up at 9:30 and out the door at 10am, all the while my cell phone is in hand waiting for the call from my grandparents. 11:00, nothing. I am heading into the room where my critique is being held at 11:42 when my phone rings.

"Your game system is here waiting for you when you come by tomorrow."

God bless my grandparents...

Posted at 6:30AM on Nov 18th 2006 by RPG! 0 stars

27. Wasn't worth the 10 hours I waited for it... right back to playing gears of war after an hour of resistance. I'd have to say 360 and PS3 are exactly the same graphically. It just about the developers and what they end up making. I'm sure gears would run just fine on the PS3, and resistance would run just fine on the 360. At the end of the day, it's all about the games.

Posted at 10:06AM on Nov 18th 2006 by meh 0 stars

28. if you are an xbox fan wtf are you even doing on a ps3 fanboy website. Does your Shatbox360 suck so much that youd rather be posting comments. Is gears of war so un-innovative, boring, and short that youve got nothing better to do? Tired of kissing Cliffy B's ass?

I am a playstation fan and i would never waste my time on a xbox 360 site. Go find someone who gives a shit about your snarky MS loving comments.

Posted at 10:27AM on Nov 18th 2006 by wreckheart 0 stars

29. UM, I thought this was supposed to be people giving their opinion on the PS3, not a "i didn't get one" bitchfest... Anywho, got mine. Didn't pay through the nose. I have Resistance. Downloaded all the demos, surfed the web, watched Blu-rays, DVD's, downloaded video, played PS2 games... And I LOVE IT!!! This is exactly what Sony needs about now. NO, not the shipping and production issues, but a sweet ass system, with awesome online, killer graphics and fun gameplay. I used the motion sensing control for the Motorstorm demo. Its works well. You just have to relax and not be a spaz twisting it all around like a tard. Resistance is sweet. Blastfactor is a blast. Uhm, what else... Surfing the net is freindlier than on the PSP, but similar to it. I haven't used the buddy list yet, but have played Resistance online. Works wonderful. Quick load times, fast paced action. Uhm, I think I'll shut up for now and check to see what others think. LATER!!!

Posted at 10:29AM on Nov 18th 2006 by Jose 0 stars

30. "Resistance is better than any 360 launch game."

How can you call an un-inspired, moodless, flat looking rip-off of COD+HL2 better than Perfect Dark Zero? As long as we are talking launch games here let's be honest.

Posted at 10:55AM on Nov 18th 2006 by meh 0 stars

31. wreckheart, i'm a GAMER. not a 360fan. After tomorrow I'll have all 3 consoles (360,ps3 & wii). PS3 is gonna rock soon enough. But i'm no "fanboy". I'm not going to just ouright lie and say that I think resistance is amazing just cause it's on the ps3. It is what it is. And for right now it's a waiting game for the great games ps3 will have in the future.

Posted at 10:59AM on Nov 18th 2006 by meh 0 stars

32. Hi all, my bud scored a PS3 with RR7, Resistance, and Untold Legends. Hate to say it, but within two hours (18 pack later), we unhooked the PS3 - hooked up the 360 played some Gears of War, Mortal Kombat, and Double Agent. Sorry Sony...Resistance aint no Gears, we didnt realize what crap Ridge Racer was 10 years ago, and Untold legends is a JOKE (I have a feeling this is what most of the PS3 titles will be like, action platformers with shinier graphics)!!!!

What struck me the most when playing was me missing the RUMBLE, its true man, you dont know what you got till its gone, keep your axis control Sony, get RUMBLE BACK NOW!!!!

And I understand that launch titles havent been "all that" since the Dreamcast launch (Soul Calibur on launch...OMG), but damn Sony....this is really, really bad, for a system that was supposed to bring in the true next gen this is a hustle of epic porportions!!!! At least a Tekken title to keep us occupied until the *REAL* titles come like when the PS2 dropped would have been nice.

Whats even worse is there doesnt seem to be anything coming out in the near future for the system. Thats what worries me the most, I was gonna get one, but I think I'm going to at least wait until next year. 360 will easily meet my gaming needs till then.

Posted at 12:04PM on Nov 18th 2006 by dovers 0 stars

33. You know, if you guys are statisticians you would know that this article is freaking biased. The question is biased and the comments are as well. No, I don't mean biases as in I prefer one system over the other subconsciously, but something much more complex. You see, in the real world, only people who CARE go online and post comments, this is called a voluntary bias. Only people who truly hate it or love will come here and post comments, why would an average person even bother. Do most people know about this site? You see, from stuff like this, you can not draw any conclusion. I know you guys will flame me, but I just want to point something out that sickens me. You know all those surveys taken, like what console people will upgrade to and what console they prefer? How do they conduct the surveys? Do they just post a question online and let people vote (Bad way to do it) or actually go out in the real world and use systematical random sampling (ask every 5th person who enters the building, etc). I really doubt that. Just throwing it out there.

Anyways, I'm glad that the PS3 came out but this begs the question. Why so few have posted? Are most of you have them at home factory sealed, waiting to be sold on eBay?

Posted at 12:11PM on Nov 18th 2006 by asdf 0 stars

34. I got my pre-order @ eb a few months ago and I was the last to get a pre-order (#8). Luckily i still got one though. The eb opened at 8am. So i got there @ 8 and went back across the hall to my store and hooked it up to one of the lcd's i have on display. After the other 6 people got their systems the manager and asst. manager from eb came over to my store and we were playing for about an hour and a half until it was time for the mall to open. The only problem I have is that my Tony Hawk game didnt work very well. Whenever you would go up a ramp or grind on anything the screen would get all the crazy lines and black out. I know it aint my system cuz my other game worked just fine. So hopefully the new Tony Hawk I just got will work better.

Posted at 12:26PM on Nov 18th 2006 by steve 0 stars

35. I went to Walmart with one of my friends to try to snag one of the FOUR PS3s, but we came too early, because they didn't even shake the box!
We could have won if the people weren't too lazy.
That's what you get for shopping at WalMart.

About eight hours later, we went to Pamida to try to snag one of the TWO PS3s there, and unlike Walmart, they DIDN'T have any rainchecks.
One lady that won them was about 40 something, and got it for her son that was in school. She got to the store 12 minutes before opening.
The other lady that won was also 40 something, and ended up selling it on eBay!!!

I mean, if you are going to buy one for yourself, I think it's okay to get one and sell it on eBay, but not if that's the only reason you are getting one.

Posted at 7:28PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Amish_Gramish 0 stars

36. Do any one know when is the next shipment here?

Posted at 9:12PM on Nov 17th 2006 by ying pan 0 stars

37. ok let me start my story with the end of my story.

two people waiting in line for ps3 ended up in the hospital.... one of them was me. not to sure what happened to the other kid. i was talking to him and he kept nodding off, i figured he was ok and just really tired because he couldnt sleep. well i turn to talk to another friend when i hear a thud, only to look back and see my friend on the ground kicking.

this was only a few minutes before they opend the door to the walmart, so i figured he was just kidding around. that is untill i seen his face was all bloody and he had cracked his head on the concrete. he was having a seisure.

well about 20 mins later the paramedics finally show up (10 minutes after the reporter got there!!!) and took him off to the hopstial. they said he was having a "grandma seisure" and not an epliceptic one. not sure if thats what they said, i was sleep deprived and understanable very shook by all of this going on.

an hour later, i end up in the hosptial. im still not sure what happend exactly, im guessing it had something to do with the 48 hours i was waiting i got no sleep. i also hadnt eatten the entire time and was already not feeling well when i left to camp. not such a good idea, espically being that i had to wait out in the cold and rain but yes i was that dedicated to making SURE i would be getting my ps3 before january.

and as it turned out i never even got it, i was unlucky number 9 out of the 8 shipments they recieved. forutantly they're getting two more in a few days and will be calling me when they arrive.

the whole situation was even more complicated (and worse) than that but i just figured i'd give u guys a quick run down.

ALSO, to all u ebayers that dont even want to play video games. i hope you get millions of dollars for your ps3, just like u plan. u greedy sob's.

and to all the 360 fanboys that like to flame on here, U GUYS ARE LOSERS if u dont like the ps3 than why come to a ps3 site. oh yeah its because your a loser, and u want to talk shit. get a life, get laid, grow a pair of balls and stop talking shit over the internet.

Posted at 7:01AM on Nov 18th 2006 by chillski 0 stars

38. People, if anyone who wants a PS3 is checking this; look at eBay. The prices are dropping. I just got the 20gb PS3, with an extra controller, Resistance, and Madden, plus free (next-day) shipping for $880. That's like $125 over retail (including shipping), not bad if you ask me.

Posted at 8:56PM on Nov 18th 2006 by Andrew 0 stars

39. Responce to blackdeleter:

39. I played 360 and I was SOOO DISAPOINTED
1. 360 has always looked like the box it names says it is, just curvy now, wow.
2. Add ons not included
3. Flat out is bland, just gun blasting frenzy
4. Demos and arcde games I have played thus far have been boring except for ones that aren't even xbox games in the first place, but Sega games I used to enjoy
5. And all cables came with 360 right?
6. Noone cares about quailty if they don't even have the TV quality to see it, any quality looks spectacular on my TV as it is High Definition, its sound quality that makes the difference, which is why we go to the cinema, if a movie is boring, picture quality doesnt make the slightest bit of difference.
7. Rumble isn't essential, unless you like the feeling of a vibrator in your hand all the time, and if you need it so bad theres always the adapter to plug in your old ones.
8. Motion sensing seemed fine to me, dunno what crappy PS3 you were playing.
9. 60 titles, when was this mentioned? If anything its just as bad as 360s god awful launch lineup.
10. All fps games are better on 360, thats the only genre its good for.
11. Because it has online, whooptie doo :S
12. None else has moaned about NBA
13. The console has just been released, its not Sony's fault, they don't make the bloody games except its own games, its not as if 360 had a hail almighty launch, the launch was utter bs, and the first couple of game I layed on 360 at launch got me thinking "This is next gen? Looks more like Xbox 1.5".

You can't expect all the games Sony has been renown for to all come out at launch, what were you expecting? Thinking like that is the thoughts of a plain thick person, sorry, but I just have to say that.

Posted at 9:59AM on Nov 19th 2006 by Pulse 0 stars

40. Why do I get the idea that this is 360 fanboys new game plan "Say you bought the PS3 and you weren't impressed so you went back to the 360" Its not that difficult to say you did even if you didn't really buy it.

Posted at 10:05AM on Nov 19th 2006 by Pulse 0 stars

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  • Dear Epic: fix our GoW multiplayer
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  • Next-gen auction prices fall as supplies increase
  • Yet another crime blamed on games
  • Goodbye PSP 3.00, hello PSP 3.01
  • From PSone to PSP, via PS3: a Sony love triangle
  • Xbox Live Video Marketplace is live, $6 HD rentals
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  • Gucci Holiday Catalog 2006
  • Malice Necklace
  • Patch and Scott Dog Coats
  • Billion Dollar Babes and Gen Art Team Up For Shopping Event
  • Pentax 60th Anniversary 18ct Gold SLR
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PVR Wire
  • Buy 3200 Xbox Live Marketplace Points - Get 1600 Free
  • Vidabox STEALTH: mmmm... stealthy
  • Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick TV Tuner - $90 Shipped
  • Replay TV PC Edition Press Release
  • HBO could launch an online channel
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  • Samsung NV7 reviewed
  • Lenovo's new Tianyi F50 laptop does it up Dolby style
  • AIRcable offers up 28-mile Bluetooth range extender
  • UK cops to trial public fingerprinting
  • Xbox Live Video Marketplace goes live
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  • COMPLETE Cingular Pearl specs here
  • OK, here are some Cingular BlackBerry Pearl specs
  • Cingular site offers BlackBerry Pearl comparison with 8700c and 7130c
  • Pearl launch event in Singapore next week
  • Still another all-time RIM high
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Download Squad
  • Easy, free video creation on Linux
  • Google's revamped Book Search
  • Google's Holiday Specials
  • Trillian Astra sneak preview
  • Cucumis: Share a translation, get a translation
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  • Preview: Cadillac CTS coupe
  • Official Shots: Cadillac DTS-L
  • GM minivans taken out back and shot
  • Subaru announces RB320 STi in honor of fallen rally driver
  • Gallery: VIP Auto Fashion Show '06 from L.A.
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Card Squad
  • Milking It -- Playing Flopped Quads (Part III)
  • Milking It -- Playing Flopped Quads (Part II)
  • Dallas Police Raid Poker Games
  • Bad Guys Rob Charity Tourney
  • Party drops to third, Former Star Trek Actor gets lucky
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