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(Y)our PS3 impressions, please!

We'd say "our", but then again, let me weave you a tale...

It was Wednesday morning -- a thin layer of ice covered my car, giving the appearance of a black piece of scrap metal crystallized, nay, immortalized, for a few hours. I bundled up in my trendy clothing, listened to my indie music and used a knife I keep in the center console of my car to slash at the ice so I could get to class.
Class itself was boring and I found it hard to concentrate on anything but my watch. I had plans. Diabolical plans. One class, two classes, the third class... I was finished. It only took a few hours, but I would never believe you if you told me that.
With haste I returned to my car, returned to my cozy apartment (which smells of onions thanks to a roommate who thought onions in a pantry would not begin to stink up the whole place), and placed some calls. First up was Best Buy.
"Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me your policy for the Playstation 3 launch."
"Well," the employee snuffed out a laugh, "we've already got about a dozen tents outside. Each with more than one person."
"Oh." My voice faltered, crushing my spirits just a little. "So, I guess that means you've pretty much run out of consoles?"
"Easily. Sorry, man."
I wouldn't give up. I hung up the phone and dialed both Wal*Marts in the area -- because for every one major retail chain, there will be two Wal*Marts. Both had similar responses. Both were unsure of allocation and had many, many people waiting.
Damn Athens, Georgia... being in one of the biggest college towns makes it incredibly difficult to do something like this. My heart sank, but there were a few aces up my sleeve.
Ace number one rolled in around midnight, November 17th, in a Pennsylvania Wal*Mart. My aunt. She walked away from the store quickly with a sigh. She got there at 12:01AM -- everything was gone.
Ace number two also failed. A friend in another state willing to attempt to grab two systems and was able to get none.
It's all over now. All that is left is to succumb to the artificial supply created by eBay or to simply wait it out. With a sigh, my adventure ended the afternoon of Wednesday, already left without a chance.

That's my story, but since we don't have one ourselves, we want you, the readers, who were able to snag a PS3, to leave either 1) your story or 2) your impressions -- was it worth it? Live up to the hype? etc, etc... you can even give us a review of the games you got with the system, if you'd like.

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1. I was really disappointed after not being able to get one in line, but then the store clerk, feeling sorry for me, offered me an insane deal. He had an unreleased white PS3 for only $400! It wasn't very shiny, which I kind of wanted, but he also had some great unreleased games for it as well, that wouldn't work on other PS3's. One was called something like Cogs of Battle…

Posted at 4:19PM on Nov 17th 2006 by moksha

2. LOL, I don't know anyone who got one, and I haven't read about anyone posting about getting one (except the japan release)

So, if 400K moved through this country, where did they all go?? DID ALL GO TO EBAY?!

Posted at 4:31PM on Nov 17th 2006 by MuDoggy

3. So, waaaaaaaaay back when, when EB/Gamestop had their pre-orders, I was good ole' #6. (Even better was the manager began doing pre-orders even before the official event started the morning before, you just had to buy it in some sort of bundle).

I sat comfortable, knowing I would recieve a PS3 on launch day, along with several of my peers. The store was set to recieve 20 systems by this time.

Here's where I get screwed. I had applied to work at that very same EB Games I pre-ordered through. I was then hired on to work for them for part-time. Then the actual number of PS3s they were getting came out.

"We're only getting 8, so you aren't getting one on launch day." (Manager). I could understand corporate policy of 'if an employee acquires a pre-order, they shall be put at the end of the pre-order list to make it fair for the customer." I contested with my manager, a jerk, but even though he 'didn't disagree with me' (it was his decision to do this to me in the first place) he couldn't change anything because he had already called the people who would be getting a PS3 on launch day. Even if I quit, which is the main plan now (not just because I couldn't get a PS3, but the way he handled the situation by not telling me before acting on a stupid call) there was nothing he could do".

Thanks, manager. You suck.

Posted at 4:33PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Brad Hodson

4. Mine did at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=015&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=250051078232&rd=1&rd=1

To tell the truth, I subestimated the demand. People were in line since Wednesday, even though people around these parts aren't exactly wealthy and my coworkers think it's extremely silly to do this "for a game".

Posted at 4:38PM on Nov 17th 2006 by ReubenDT

5. they must all be crap bein no one is commenting anything too positive,unlike they did with 360.seems micrsoft may be goin to kick sonys lil ass.a white ps3?unreleased games?seems u got scammed dude.there is no such thing.then it was only $400?wow no wonder sony ever does well it has idiots behind it wholl fall for anything.haha.go 360

Posted at 4:48PM on Nov 17th 2006 by tony

6. gee, moksha, i think someone wandered into the wrong blog...

i went out to the local walmart and target earlier this week to see what sort of lines there were and both were pretty much past the number of available PS3s. what struck me as interesting is the type of people that were waiting in line.
there were probably 5-6 college students (of the stoner frat boy variety, you know, the ones who embarrass other college students) and the rest of the lines were made up of people who appeared to be a bit older than your average gamer and most likely unemployed.
after a bit of conversation it turned out that most of these people were, in fact, unemployed and believed they were living the "gangsta' hustler" lifestyle... i'm not exactly sure what that entails but apparently it involves working harder to make the occasional "big chunk of change" than you would have to work having a real job and a steady income.
it was an interesting conversation but after about 15min in the 40 degree weather it was about to rain so i just headed home.

as far as getting a PS3 is concerned, i'll just do it the same way i got my 360... walk in to a store and pick it up off the shelf without any problems in 6 months.

Posted at 4:54PM on Nov 17th 2006 by get over it

7. We secured one for where I work (new online game magazine coming soon)...after playing an hour or so of Resistance, it's safe to say the entire staff is very underwhelmed. Graphically, it isn't much at all, missing a ton of lighting effects, poor physics, sparse environments, shoddy model movement. We then compared Call of Duty 3 between Xbox 360 and PS3....no contest, 360 wins hands down....PS3 has some pretty chunky jaggies, especially on the foliage...and the Xbox is rendering approximatively twice the foliage as the PS3, which we're chalking up to the PS3 having half the video memory of the PS3.

Posted at 4:55PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Jaklar

8. @ Tony...

Think you are the knucklehead on this one since he was making reference to the 360. Think outside the box every so often.

Anyways, there was a news brief this morning on the people waiting in line for a ps3 and outside the bestbuy near my house, 32 people were waiting. Of all 32 of them, only one had the intention of keeping it. Lets face it, this thing is the new tickle me elmo. Rich kids want it, but no one will give a damn in a few months.

Posted at 4:55PM on Nov 17th 2006 by erik

9. Ugh, this is so annoying! That backwards compatibility list is complete crap! None of my PS2 games even load in my white PS3! And the motion sensitive controllers don't detect anything!

LOL at tony #5

Posted at 5:01PM on Nov 17th 2006 by moksha

10. I waited outside in my tent last night (very cold) outside GameStop. I did have a preorder, I just wanted to be first, and I was, because basically noone came until about 9:56 (a few minutes before the store opened) Oh well. But this system is amazing! 1080p is beautiful on it. I downloaded the demo of motorstorm and it seemed to be nearly the same demo that target had, right now I'm downloading the demo of resistance. Blu-ray movies are amazing, I can't believe how much more interactive and quick loading these menus are.

Posted at 5:07PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Andy

11. Right now is a good time to check EBay. Currently there are over 10 thousand PS3s up. The only ones it seems that are getting bids, are the ones offering realistic starting bids. There are several starting at upwards of $3,000 and no one is interested. First off, they are flooding the market trying to ripoff the unsuspecting. Fortunately, people are smart enough to see through most of this, and even though every PS3 sold, this will be probably the worst launch a system has ever seen, especially since Sony only makes money off the games sold, and EBayers mostly didn't buy games. Honestly, I only want to see Sony bought down a few pegs, but not destroyed entirely. Hopefully they will put more effort into making this thing great as far as the games go, and stop trying to push a rushed HD movie format on us. Here's to hoping Sony's future remains bright.

For Moksha, I think there might be some kind of setting to get the Motion Sensing to work, but I don't know. It's possible you got a defective one. Sucks to be you. BTW, hows that Cogs of Battle Treating you?

Posted at 5:22PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Chronos_777

12. Tony, get laid, and learn to spell.

Ppl, don't expect the first batch of games to be something special, I think ppl expect to pick up a Ps3 and get blown away instantly, the launch titles are crap, and even I a PS3 fan admit that, but then so were 360's, they were vastly underwhelming and if it were not for PRoject Dark, I doubt most ppl would have even bothered untill the following year. 360 always relies on one or two games to help it, I dont understand that.

You are also forgeting all the famous PS3 games we love aren't even out yet, instead we are stuck with Resistance and crappy Call of duty 3 which I didn't enjoy on the Xbox 360 anyway.

Isn't online going into operation tonight?

Posted at 5:42PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Pulse

13. Um, for you people who didn't pick up on it, the "white PS3" for $400 is an Xbox 360. That's what the guy was saying. "Cogs of War" should have given it awya if you dint' get the otherstuff. I'm not trying to point out the obvious, but someone's comments seem to prove that they couldn't figure it out.

Posted at 7:25PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Kai

14. I achieved my goal. Sold and shipped this afternoon for $2100, my ps3 has paid for itself, a second ps3 which i intend to keep, and some monster component cables.(we dont all have $4,000 tv's.) Im giving my friend $400 for his assistance which leaves me with a $500 profit.

The only game i have is resistance. it's fun, not a killer app, but fun. one thing that really stood out on the multiplayer to me is how the different races have different abilities, unlike in halo2 where there is no real difference between the two. *halo 2 is still one of the best multiplayer games of all time and better than resistance in my opinion.

on the up side, Blu ray looks great and talladega nights is actually pretty funny. i dont know if i'll start buying all my movies on blu ray, but i'll rent them.

i was honestly expecting more, but its a good start. If your a fan, or a hardcore gamer and you can buy without buying from people like me (God bless Ebay) i say buy it. if your undecided, i say wait for mgs4 or buy another next gen machine.

Posted at 8:00PM on Nov 17th 2006 by ozymandias

15. I'm feeling some buyer's remorse right about now. I could have bought a wii and zelda, which i KNOW i'll like. or some more games for my 360. the ps3's launch lineup is kinda underwhelming. It doesnt really matter though because im bankrupt now that i dropped $700 for it and resistance. resistance is alright but i dont think ill call it a favorite. kinda reminds me of perfect dark for 360. whatever, hopefully sony picks it up quickly because they're losing sh*tloads on these things.

Posted at 8:07PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Lifescape

16. the ps3's online is going to be total shit... there is no unified online service. Without it the replay value of games is greatly decreased and you end up putting out even MORE extra money for nothing but broken promises..

my friends ps3 won't do anything but 480p on his tv that has 1080i - so what good is the "superior power" of the ps3?

get a 360

Posted at 9:02PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Chris

17. i got one... but it's at home and i'm at school. i'll be playing Resistance on my Sony LCD in surround sound in t-minus two days. yep, i'm actually gonna keep mine like i bet many are actually doing. They're not commenting in this blog cuz they're too busy playing.

Posted at 9:45PM on Nov 17th 2006 by jay

18. I got one, and I absolutely love it. Resistance is better than any 360 launch game. NBA2K7 rocks. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Love it. Love it.

Posted at 10:35PM on Nov 17th 2006 by thewisteron

19. Its hillarious how people try and sell things for crazy money on ebay. thousands for a tickle me elmo, thousands for a ps3. wtf?

Posted at 10:39PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Timmy

20. Well, 360 came out a year ago, and technology is advancing quite fast. You can't really compare the two. But Resistance in my opinion is not as good as Gears of War.

Posted at 11:40PM on Nov 17th 2006 by asdf

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