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MGS4 on the 360? Let's debate some random rumors!

People over at Konami HQ have long been pressuring Hideo Kojima, mind behind the Metal Gear games, to go multi-platform. Until the time of this writing, he has remained adamant about staying solely on Sony platforms (although MGS2 did get onto the XBox after some time). So, what's the rumor, eh? Check out the cover of EGM. Zoom in or whatever on the smaller print right above Master Chief's head. MGS4 on the 360? Couldn't be! What's the proof? We won't know until we get our mitts on this magazine (I'll check my mailbox incessantly -- I'm that addicted to gaming "news"). Unless this magazine is out... don't think so. Last one we got had a huge Gears of War spread.

Well, let's try our best to keep this civilized, but... what do you guys think would happen if Metal Gear goes multi-platform? Is it truly (along with Squeenix -- debatable) the only thing keeping Sony afloat? How important are the (trite, meaningless phrase warning) killer apps for each system? Is it enough to have large quantities of "pretty good" games, or do you have to have one "I need this game right now or I'll kill you" among a sea of mediocre garbage? Ready? Go.

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1. Big exclusives are a HUGE selling point for gaming consoles. You will see just how big with the release of Gears of War in November and how many 360's are bought because of this game. The question is will Sony let Konami make it a multiplatform game or will Sony throw gobs of money at Konami to keep it exclusive. It is certainly in Konami's favor to launch it multiplatform since not that many ps3's will be in the market when the game comes out. It would be one thing if there were 100million ps3s out there... but with only a handful that will be in the market when it is released their potential for big bucks greatly decreases unless they make it multiplat.

Posted at 12:51PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Frosty22 0 stars

2. oh yeah... and *first* I hate that guy... and yet I've become that guy.

Posted at 12:53PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Frosty22 0 stars

3. Sony will have to pony up a HUGE amount to Konami and producer Kojima-Productions to keep this AWSOME game an exclusive to the PS3. We should have saw this coming and to be quite honest I welcome this possible event. At least if it has some sort of On-Line play it will be done right on lIVE and not on the STILL unanounnced On-Line plans for SOny!! And don't forget the Acchivement system that Xbox 360 has. Only first party titles are safe form system jumping!!!

Posted at 12:57PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Mr BoomStick XL 0 stars

4. if you want a good laugh go check out the joystiq comments section on their coverage of this. there's someone over there claiming it as an absolute fact that MGS4 will never see the light of day as a PS3 title. he's promising us all that it will be released on any other console but the PS3 because the PS3 will be sitting on the store shelves unsold and a complete failure.

it's funny in a sad delusional way how absolutely sure of himself he is.

Posted at 1:10PM on Oct 30th 2006 by get over it 0 stars

5. #1 you make a good comment about how it would be hard for the gaming god Hideo Kojima (imo) to not take the chance to do something so bold as to do this...but look at it this way...while money may make the world go round...Hideo does it for the fans because he loves making these games...look at it like this...Metal Gear started on nintendo...but it was Metal Gear Solid on the playstation....

And Hideo has kept his faith...true it was MGS2 that did leak onto the Xbox...and the redone version of MGS for the game cube..but where did it start first...with sony.....

Look at snake eater....he has yet to jump it over to the xbox....what about the psp games...though xbox doesn't even have ayhing in the portable field...there will be three MG titles out on it by this december....

Point and case...Hideo isn't stupid...he knows more money isn't better...he knows where his fans lie...and he isn't going to jerperdoise that....

Posted at 1:17PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Carnie 0 stars

6. #4:

I don't think he'd lose fans by offering it multi-console. You'd have to be some psycho sick twisted fanboy to no longer be a fan of MGS just because they offer it multi-console.

Posted at 1:26PM on Oct 30th 2006 by suffah 0 stars

7. Pffffff.... As if the 360 has the power for it.....

Posted at 1:36PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Psycho 0 stars

8. I guess I didn't think this was that big news. I thought that most of the MGS games were ported to other systems anyways? And I may be wrong, but didn't Kojima already say that he could get the game to run on a 360?

Isn't this more of an if than a when? Again, I don't know. I haven't played the game much, but I have friends who swear by it and friends who have told me not to bother.

Posted at 1:52PM on Oct 30th 2006 by KilgoreTrout XL 0 stars

9. 6. Pffffff.... As if the 360 has the power for it.....

You are just kidding right? Because I am not going to go through and explain the differences and strength's/weaknesses of the 360 vs. ps3 if you are just joking.

Posted at 2:16PM on Oct 30th 2006 by maylon 0 stars

10. And please do not bring up the Blu Ray vs. DVD 9 argument, because I will make you look like a fool if you do.

Posted at 2:19PM on Oct 30th 2006 by maylon 0 stars

11. Carnie:
that doesnt make sense. Im not pissed at team ninja for porting ninja gaiden to the ps3, why would any be pissed at kojima for porting MGS to the 360? I could see being upset if he stated that MGS4 would be his last ps3 project, but being upset because xbox fans can play MGS4 is pretty childish.

Posted at 2:21PM on Oct 30th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

12. Pfffffffffff... As if the 360 has the power for it.

Posted at 2:49PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Psycho le deux. 0 stars

13. Eh just as my opinion. I think MGS4 needs that exclusivity. Sure it might sell more or whatever, but the three previous ones were again all on Sony. The experience that everyone gained from having it on the playstation just adds to the genuinity (sp? is it even a word?) of the game.

Obviously its had versions on the other consoles like everyone is saying. But without the original BEING on the PS, it doesn't have that genuine MGS taste. And I think finishing it off COMPLETELY with the fourth needs to have that.. flavour. in a sense.

MGS4 is built completely for the fans as pointed out. Hideo made it the grand finales of all freakin grand finales. It wasn't even supposed to be there originally. So it can only be on ps3!

In a sense, PS wouldn't have been what it is without MGS. But I don't think MGS would've had that awesome .. MGS-ness! (forgive the ambiguity) without it being on PS. And I think thats more of what Hideo wants.

Its a symbiotic relationship.

Posted at 3:00PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Dahk 0 stars

14. #4 - Metal Gear did not start on playstation dummy use google (Metal Gear SOLID did)

This would be a big deal if it were a launch game. Metal Gear is a big deal in the US but not in japan (its popular but not nearly as popular as it is in the states). MGS2 was realeased in the US before Japan because Kojima wanted to show his appriciation for the warm reception MGS1 received state side.

My mind it only makes since that a game targeted @ the US market be multiplatform

Posted at 3:05PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Clay 0 stars

15. #10 -

If you get a chevy and a ford, and change the badging on them, they'll drive the same. Rather its on PS3 of X360 wont change the game.... as a genosolider might say
"...Hmm...It's just a box."


Posted at 3:08PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Clay 0 stars

16. Well way I see it is, i'll wait until Metal Gear solid 4 Substance comes out, which may be a year or two down the line.

While it may remain an exclusive it wouldnt be a bad idea to put it multi platform depending on how much the conversion cost would be. Maybe they should convert it onto PC. I mean Konami is not owned by Sony, and they are not a billion dollar company, they need to stay afloat. I mean if Sony is willing to pay them enough to cover selling perhaps a million more on another system, more power to em, keep it exclusive.

Posted at 3:39PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Sloth 0 stars

17. Play PSP Metal Gear Acid 2 and look at the MGS4 trailer, its done in a way to hype up the game and PS3, and in the end it says "It goes on to say why the game will be great and why the PS3 will be great, at no point does it mention Xbox, I would be rather suprised if it does goe multiplatform, also Kojima himself bigs up the PS3, hes impressed with its power etc

Point number 3, part 1 of the story for MGS4 is on the PSP game Portable Ops, how are 360 owners meant to understand the story plot to MGS4, if they havn't got a PSP? Kojima said himself that in order to truly understand what is going on at all in MGS4, you'll need the PSP PO game.

I am highly doubtful and sceptical, as it releases next year, saying the PS3 won't sell enough is stupid, how do you know that when we only know the launch number of PS3s and not how many will be available and bought by next year?

Ppl, lets just wait and see what happens, remeber its only a rumour, and unless Micro buys exclusivity like they did for GTA, even if it goes multi-platform, I can see it coming out a 1/2 to a year after the PS3's version.

Posted at 2:17PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Pulse 0 stars

18. Pules,

So, what? you can't own a psp and a 360? is there some rule no one told me about??

As for the low number of PS3's, Sony's had nothing but trouble producing PS3's. Just today I read on Joystiq that the number of japanese launch units has been cut to 80,000 as opposed to the 100,000 units originally planned. Let's not forget Europe, there are going to be exactly 0 PS3's in Europe until march. All of this points to lackluster sales for the next year. Why? They're almost entirely losing this holiday season. Very few people will have a PS3 under the tree. Some people will substitute a 360, or a Wii (I personally am putting off the PS3 purchase in favor of a Wii). That means a portion of those potential sales will be added to Microsoft's head start. I suspect it will be at least a year or two (at best) before Sony can catch up to the 360 as far as install base is concerned, and that means that the econimacal thing for kojima studios to do is make the game available on the 360 as well. You can't play a game on a system you don't own, and at least for the next year or two more people will own 360's than ps3's.

I'm not saying all of that means that Kojima will definitely cave into the pressure, he definitely has been a very strong supporter of Sony products all along.

When it comes down to it at the end of the day, even if you love your job, you're doing it for the paycheck as well. PS3 exclusivity for a high profile title w/ high production value could mean a hit in the wallet for kojima studios.

Posted at 4:08PM on Oct 30th 2006 by What The Geek 0 stars

19. As someone who usually owns all the systems out there (PS2, Gamecube, Xbox) this round I already have a 360. Let's face it, Microsoft got a next-gen product out the door over a year before Sony.

I'll probably buy a Wii once it drops below $200 (it's not worth $250 IMHO).

That being said, i don't know if I really want to buy a PS3 anytime soon. What do I get with a PS3 that I can't get with a 360? For the most part, it's just this: Exclusives.

So personally, if MGS4 becomes cross-platform i will be a happy camper!

Without exclusives, the only reason I could see me forking over half a grand is if Blue-Ray really took off. If the HD-DVD player takes off instead...sorry sony.

Just my two cents. I think most people aren't "fanboys"...just people who like to have fun with video games. With that being said, Sony is going to need exclusives to make it a success.

Posted at 7:03PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Saxamoophone 0 stars

20. I agree with you about Hideo #5. He has a passion for gaming and his products, does not do it for the money. But unfortunately if he gets enough pressure he will have to bend on this. He won't want to, and he will hate doing it, but he also will not have a choice. By the way... I really appreciated this discussion from you guys. It was kept civilized (except for the farting-typing... don't know what that's about). I always appreciate debating this stuff in a non-fanboyistic way. And I agree that both xbox360 and ps3 are pretty much the same. I have a 360 and I truly enjoy it and will not get a first gen ps3 but will rather wait until a price drop. Gaming has become so damn expensive!!! Anyways the really only reason i will get a ps3 eventually is because of the exclusives. but it they lose them, I probably wont. Not because i think the ps3 is inferior, but rather because i will not be able to justify spending more money on a system that has the same games and is similar to one I already own. But if they keep their exclusives, I will probably get one at first price drop. Had ps3 come out first, I'd probably have the same opinion about the xbox 360. Well... thats not true :) I would have gotten a 360 no matter what when Halo 3 came out (unless that jumped platforms... yea right).

Posted at 8:43PM on Oct 30th 2006 by Frosty22 0 stars

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