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Microsoft whines, sues Sony... now that's just sad

Don't ask why we were surfing the 360 forums. It's a long, painful story. Even more painful is the sorry reason that Microsoft has decided to hop onto the legal train and sue Sony (besides the fear instilled upon Microsoft by the PS3... or so we'd like to believe). Now, many of us have probably seen the "controversial" list we've got at the top of the page. Is it misleading? If you're ignorant. Here's why.

Now, it says "Console Price Comparison" but it does indeed leave off the "...for equivalent console experience" subtitle. That's pretty shady, but in the context of "getting what you pay for" it makes sense. To get what comes in the PS3 box, you do have to get all this extra junk for the 360. However, the "Wireless Controller" for the 360 is moot -- doesn't one come with the better SKU? Anyway, that aside, to get an equivalent experience, you do need to get the $399 model, a $199 HD-DVD drive (not for gaming, just to equate to getting a Blu-ray) and the Gold subscription.

The PS3 (lower model) comes with all that, even a wireless controller (which should have been built in to the XBox 360 cost, so more accurately read, it would be $50 for the HDD and $50 for the controller). The free online is debatable, although Sony has said they would give free service for regular online multiplayer, but subscription fees for MMO's and the like will still apply, via the developer, etc. Is this misleading and worthy of a lawsuit? It's slightly misleading, but not worth the trouble of legal action. Microsoft needs to relax -- so they misquoted you $50, which is understandable if you build up from the junk core system. Whatever. Now, let PS3Fanboy set up its barricades to defend against all the flaming about to occur.

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21. So its cool to lie?

Posted at 3:25PM on Oct 24th 2006 by The1 0 stars

22. The comparison is terribly misleading. I know the rest of the chart (not pictured here) has more misleading specs in it, but lets just focus on the chart Nick bothered to include in his shamefully slanted article. It uses the words "requires users to buy" which is a bald faced lie. You don't HAVE to buy a wireless controller w/ the core 360, it comes with a wired one. It would be more fair to compare the premium 360 that comes w/ the hard drive and wireless controller, and I don't know if they're still doing this, but mine came w/ 13 months of live for free.

Sony is comparing apples to oranges here anyway. The PS3 is a great value on a blue ray drive (if nothing else) but at the same time, you don't have the choice of not paying for that blue ray drive. Sony and MS have different business strageties here, neither is superior to the other imo.

As for MS's lawsuit, I don't think they're doing it to try and get money out of sony, they're doing it to get some public awareness out there about why the chart is misleading, and possibly a public apology from Sony.

Posted at 3:22PM on Oct 24th 2006 by What The Geek 0 stars

23. #7 Pedro Van Faulk
You should not talk unless you know what you are talking about.
1) 360 Core is the Cheaper System.
2) They Used the Cheaper PS3 because to compare the $599 to the 360 you would have to add a bigger hard drive 60Gig to the 360 and the $99 Wireless adapter. So if you compare the 2 more expensive systems the 360 Still Costs way more, Checkout my 360 Bill:

$399 360
$ 99 Live $49 Every Year (Year 2 in November)
$199 HD-DVD
$100 XBox1 Gamesaves XSATA + Memory Cards.
$797 Thats $800 Total

PS3 Base model is $499
The PS3 Premium is $599 ($600) but that comes with built in wireless and a 60Gig HardDrive. Xbox360 Wireless adapter is another $99. Wow... Now we are getting damn close to $900 and I only have a 20 Gig HardDrive that is always getting too full.

Do some research before opening your Pie Hole.

Posted at 3:37PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Scott Krueger. 0 stars

24. First off Mr. Scott Krueger, why dont you just say that Live! costs 400 bucks for 8 years? Then the 360 is 1100 dollars! See you're pulling Sony line all the same

Game System: NO Multiplayer
$399 for Premium
$ 0 Silver Live! account
$ 0 wireless controller
$ 0 headset communicator

TOTAL: $399

Game System: w/Multiplayer
$399 *Same as Above* plus
$ 50 for Live! Years service. Deals can lower cost to 30 bucks,

TOTAL: $449

Game AND Movie System
$399 *Same as Above*
$ 50 *Same as Above*
$199 OPTIONAL (has no bearing on games)

TOTAL $ 648

I dont know WHAT you're talking about with the Xbox1, XSATA or Memcard?? If you're referring to SAVING YOUR GAME, thats what the harddrive is for with the Premium 360 purchase for 399...zing! So you're padding the cost just as much as they are.

The simple fact is that the HDDVD is NOT REQUIRED to play GAMES. All Sony had to do is to say:

"To match all you GET with a PS3, you must buy this..." then go on to describe all that I just outlined, plus add in the wifi card. But no, they intentionally used the core package, and implied that all the rest is necessary to play games, including making it appear as if the 360 didn't even come with a controller! You dont NEED a wireless controller to play games, so why do this Sony?

Thats why this is shady.

Posted at 4:14PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Um Huh? 0 stars

25. Some pretty serious fanboi tunnel-vision is required to write that thar' post, Mr. Doerr.

Posted at 4:37PM on Oct 24th 2006 by KilgoreTrout XL 0 stars

26. You think the average consumer is gonna go on amazon? They'll get suckered into buying the official cable and pay a premium. Regardless, they shouldn't have to pay a premium for the ability to do what the PS# is supposed to do out of the box.

If you want to output in HD, the 360 does it out of the box. The PS3 does not. End of story.

Wireless internet only comes with the $600 PS3. So you too are paying $100 for it. And the beauty of the 360 controller is that you don't need a battery charger. It runs off regular batteries. If you don't want to use AAs then you can get the play and charge kit (with battery) for about the same price as what sony is charging for the memory card adapter. That's not much.
And you don't even need to do that either. If you really don't care about wireless, you can buy a wired controller and save $10.

Not so with the PS3. No replaceable battery means you'll have to send it in to sony if the battery ever dies. And I'm sure that they won't charge you too much. Afterall, it's not like this is a compnay that was sued over making faulty systems.

And you STILL don't have voice or video chat because you don't get a headset or camera.

Posted at 4:47PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Pedro Van Faulk 0 stars

27. actually there are quite a few reasons that this chart is misleading.

1.)the ps3 is being made on a 80:20 premium to core ratio. so there is an 80% chance you will HAVE to buy a premium ps3. The same holds true for the 360, where if you bought one after launch, you probably had to buy a premium because you couldnt find a core.

2.)suggesting that you have to buy a wireless controller for the 360 implies that the console doesnt come with any controller at all.

3.)the blue ray drive is required to play the ps3. the HD dvd drive is not required to play the 360. the ps3 also doesnt come with HD capable cables. so you'll be playing resistance at 480p untill you pick up some component cables.

4.) the core ps3 is not wifi capable out of the box. IT NEEDS AN EXTERNAL WIFI ADAPTER just like the 360. this is not mentioned at all.

5.)nintendo wifi service is FREE. xbox live is FREE. the only thing you need to pay for on the xbox is matchmaking. nintendo is 100% FREE. the 360 also connects to any existing wireless adapter you own. just plug your ethernet cord into a wireless router. can the same be said about the ps3? we dont know yet.

so lets sum it up whats needed to play your games.

console $500
HD cables: $15 to $30
20GB HDD: $0
online service:$0
ethernet port no wifi:$0
TOTAL price for HD online Gaming: $515
no options to lower cost

xbox 360
console: $300
20GB HDD:$100 memory card can subsitute hdd for $30
controller: $0 extra wireless $50.
online:$0 optional online matchmaking $50
ethernet port no wifi: $0
TOTAL price for HD online gaming with 2 controllers:$500
for single player gaming and online community: $300

I think the lawsuit is petty, but this IS SLANDER in an attempt to make a $600 gaming device more palateable.

Posted at 5:44PM on Oct 24th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

28. Where does it say Microsoft actually sued?

Posted at 5:53PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Andir2.0 0 stars

29. This is for the bias #21 comment. Your math seems a little off to me, how can you come to the defense of Sony when all they do is over promise and under deliver on a regular basis!! Not to metion they will be taking care of their DieHard fans by giving them the same cable type that I got with the Super Nintendo waaaaaaaaaay back in 1990!! Oh, is'nt supposed to be a Blu-Ray player?? It's ok though, they are giving us taladega night for FREE.......I can't watch it in HD because I have to spend another $69.99 for the correct cables!! Thanks Sony!!

Posted at 6:21PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Mr BoomStick XL 0 stars

30. What pisses me off is the attitude of Sony these days. They kick, shove, bite, and hit, but when the ref looks at them, they go "I didn't do anything?"

Enough playing the fool. They are guilty of the worst business practices, and they are going to be exposed to the public soon enough. Sony is the next Microsoft in terms of playing dirty, and we are going to wave that flag til we see Sony buried in the ground face first.

Posted at 7:22PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Edge of Blade 0 stars

31. *yawn* Sorry. Just got back from a family member's funeral and took an extremely stressful exam. What's with all the hate, 360 fellows? I said it was a misleading article, because the "required to buy" line is pretty much the whole shady deal (at least with the provided chart). I also discussed why the prices themselves were misleading -- so many of the points you're making in defense have been discussed. I'm not retarded, or bush-league. Look my name up on Nicholas Doerr. I've been writing since before I could read. Is this a fanboy article? Sure, of course. We're supposed to spin things in Sony's favor. Sometimes its a humorously large stretch to do so (which I found this to be, thus the final comment about preparing to get flamed). Sorry if it bent anyone unnaturally out of shape, but in the same vein, thank you for all your input! I love seeing people respond, I really do. Thank you very much.

Oh! And wouldn't you believe it, but I've got a Lik-Sang article in the works, so expect that dealie tomorrow sometime.

Posted at 9:33PM on Oct 24th 2006 by ndoerr 1 star

32. Sony is being pretty shaddy.
If you take the Xbox 360 premiuum it costs 399
HD drive 199 and thats all you need,

online gaming is FREE unless you want to have guests in your account. If you get the xbox live silver your online gaming is free.

Their math is completely misleading

Posted at 9:34PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Fredd 0 stars

33. #24 Um Huh, I was showing my XBox360 and what it costs to get the equivalent Value. For me the PS3 is a WAY Better Deal.

Game System: NO Multiplayer
$399 for Premium
No Argument Here.

Game System: w/Multiplayer
$399 *Same as Above* plus
$ 50 for Live! Years service. Deals can lower cost to 30 bucks

Disagree, with Free Online and PS3 at $499 vs a Xbox360 at $399 and $50 every year (maybe $30 deal on 1st year) but every year I'm getting socked for $50.

Game AND Movie System
$399 *Same as Above*
$ 50 *Same as Above*
$199 OPTIONAL (has no bearing on games)
TOTAL $ 648

Compared here the PS3 is a Steal.

#29 Mr BoomStick XL
The Math is 100% unbiased and accurate. It is exactly what my XBox360 Cost Me.
You don't understand the math because you are stupid.
Anybody who buys a HDMI Cable for $69 must be.
$15 will get you an HDMI Cable.
The $69 Version is for a "High Grade Cable".
HDMI is all digital, so like Fiber Optic cables there is no need for Expensive cables. I'll explain because you don't seem that bright. Digital refers to Signal levels equating to a 0 or a 1. They combine these 0s and 1s to represent Numbers 1001 1000 0111 0010 in BCD is 9872. The Lovely thing about 0s and 1s is the Voltage difference between a 0 and a 1 is so wide that you would need Noise from another world to confuse a zero from a one. So Broomstick don't open your mouth unless you actually know what you are talking about.

Posted at 10:17PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Scott Krueger. 0 stars

34. So what exactly was it that sony did? Was this document officially released to the public? Where can it be found in its orignial context? Why the hell does it matter that this scrap of paper was published? False advertising is a crime but this does seem a bit rediculous. Granted microsoft has reason to be upset but its not like it would have lost them a sale for anyone actually informed on the subject. Also nobody (atleast me) is saying that what Sony did to Lik-Sang was any better than what Microsoft is doing now. Sony wasnt loosing a profit (although as was stated Europes import laws are strict) and Microsoft wouldnt have been either!

Posted at 11:25PM on Oct 24th 2006 by conspiracy_theory 0 stars

35. Nick,

Do you ever come up out of this site for air? That was an honest question, not a mean spirited or sarcastic one. I've been reading all three fanboy sites for some time now, and it seems to me that 360fanboy and nintendowiifanboy don't try nearly so hard as you guys do to spin things in the favor of their respective consoles.

It seems to me that when something goes wrong with the 360, lets take lumines for example, 360fanboy takes the attitude of "Doesn't it make you mad that this happened on the console we love?" where as when some negative news about sony is posted on this site it's more in the vein of "It's soooo cool, the PS3 won't be out in Europe til March! They get to enjoy the anticipation longer than the reste of us, YAY!!".

Now I do have to give Ed credit for saying that Sony punched Europe in the face by preventing importing, but this article and others like it cross the line from fanboyism to shoddy journalism. I understand you're not new to writing, so act like it. Writing is an art, same as painting or sculpting. Take pride in your art. Would you take a painter seriously if all they painted was penis's with smiley faces on them? Probably not. So stop writing smiley faced penis articles.

Posted at 8:48AM on Oct 25th 2006 by What The Geek 0 stars

36. the reason why MS is dueing sony because of the "false advertising that sony has made against thier competitors." let look back at the ads that other companies make to sell better
1. apple v. pc(i.e. Windows)
2. satalite v. cable
3. coke v. pepsi
i strongly believe that the court will rule in favor of sony(NOT BIAS) because it is simple advertising and it has been done since the world of ads has even begun.
besides sony can sue nintendo for the motion sensing controller because sony had the patent since 1997.
sony clearly has had the advantage in the begining, try to proove me otherwise ill be glad to respond.

Posted at 10:54PM on Oct 25th 2006 by joe 0 stars

37. What is really funny is that you guys are quoting Prices for a PS3 that nobody can really get. The XBOX is going to be a lot cheaper for the masses at Christmas, unless you perfectly preordered yours.

Posted at 2:34PM on Oct 27th 2006 by Chris 0 stars

38. what is extra shady is how Sony forgot to mention that PS3 "REQUIRES TO BUY" the component cables, whereas they are included with the XBOX360.

They deserve to be sued. You cant just go around willy nilly lying your head off and think you can get away with it.

Posted at 9:17PM on Oct 29th 2006 by Smartgator 0 stars

39. oh yeah, Sony's online service being free? You think that's a good thing? It's only free because it blows, has no features and gamers would riot if they were asked to pay for garbage like that. You won't be talking to friends on it, seeing their stats, having achievements, or flawless cross-game invites and communication. Pllleeeease. As if Sony's free offering can be slightly compared to XBLA in any way shape or form. It's like comparing poo to gold, and then saying the poo is better becuase it's free.

Posted at 9:22PM on Oct 29th 2006 by joey 0 stars

40. looks like sony is scared sh*tless to me. Resorting to tactics like this. It's not a good sign when you have to straight up LIE in an attempt to appear compelling. If what they had was really that great, wouldn't they let it stand on it's own merits? All they have done with this ad is said "these guys are our competition, and we are scared". I thought they didn't have competition? Isn't that what Ken K. wanted us all to think? More lies.

Why price compare the PS3 to the 360 if the experience is SOOO drastically different? Maybe because it's not really that different after all eh? Sony is full of crap and their attitude and tactics make me not want to spend the money on a PS3 that I was planning to.

At least we can all rest assured M$ is going to rip them a new one. Sony's major weak point is software. And with all their claims about how they want the PS3 to be a "computer" they have a long frickin way to go to catch up to the software capabilities of M$. PSP user interface for a computer? C'mon, get with the program.

Posted at 9:47PM on Oct 29th 2006 by truth 0 stars

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