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Microsoft whines, sues Sony... now that's just sad

Don't ask why we were surfing the 360 forums. It's a long, painful story. Even more painful is the sorry reason that Microsoft has decided to hop onto the legal train and sue Sony (besides the fear instilled upon Microsoft by the PS3... or so we'd like to believe). Now, many of us have probably seen the "controversial" list we've got at the top of the page. Is it misleading? If you're ignorant. Here's why.

Now, it says "Console Price Comparison" but it does indeed leave off the "...for equivalent console experience" subtitle. That's pretty shady, but in the context of "getting what you pay for" it makes sense. To get what comes in the PS3 box, you do have to get all this extra junk for the 360. However, the "Wireless Controller" for the 360 is moot -- doesn't one come with the better SKU? Anyway, that aside, to get an equivalent experience, you do need to get the $399 model, a $199 HD-DVD drive (not for gaming, just to equate to getting a Blu-ray) and the Gold subscription.

The PS3 (lower model) comes with all that, even a wireless controller (which should have been built in to the XBox 360 cost, so more accurately read, it would be $50 for the HDD and $50 for the controller). The free online is debatable, although Sony has said they would give free service for regular online multiplayer, but subscription fees for MMO's and the like will still apply, via the developer, etc. Is this misleading and worthy of a lawsuit? It's slightly misleading, but not worth the trouble of legal action. Microsoft needs to relax -- so they misquoted you $50, which is understandable if you build up from the junk core system. Whatever. Now, let PS3Fanboy set up its barricades to defend against all the flaming about to occur.

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1. Sweet. This is the first Microsoft lawsuit that I am happy about. I hope they win, and I hope it becomes highly publicized.

Posted at 11:39AM on Oct 24th 2006 by Valaris 0 stars

2. This can't be true, there's nothing in this paper that can be misinterpreted at all. Just use common sense...

Geeez. Leave sony alone!!!

Posted at 11:40AM on Oct 24th 2006 by Leo 0 stars

3. ehhh, not lawsuit worthy but sony is def being a bit scummy here and i personally hold them to higher standards

Posted at 11:48AM on Oct 24th 2006 by Paul 1 star

4. I think their sueing because they believe this will sway people debating between a 360 and a PS3 towards the PS3. Enough to justify a lowsuit, no, but does M$ really care?

Posted at 11:55AM on Oct 24th 2006 by Nate 0 stars

5. It is really a senseless lawsuit. MS should be ashamed. There is nothing fake about the pricing. It takes the cheaper models of all systems and compares them. If they were going to underhanded, then they would make the Wii seem more expensive.

By the way, while Sony did sue Lik-Sang, it was the judge who rules in their favor.

And Lik-Sang can stay open. They just can't sell Sony hardware in Europe that isn't for Europe and they can sell software. The PS3 is region-free right? Where do they think we will buy the games from? That lawsuit won't stand in America or Asia. Europe is a tad anal when it comes to this sort of thing. All about the consumer and what not, supposedly. Otherwise, Sony would of taken Lik-Sang to court in Japan/China and America.

Posted at 11:54AM on Oct 24th 2006 by Too much Hype 0 stars

6. Sony fails to include the HDMI adapter that you have to purchase in order to have a true HD experience. They need to add this $50 cable if they're going to add the Xbox Live subscription. Remember, Xbox Live silver will get you online and have access to everything except online matchmaking....and its free.

Posted at 11:57AM on Oct 24th 2006 by fob2000 0 stars

7. Oh sweet bias, I love you so. What you neglect to mention, is how there is more to the document than what you show. Sure the main doc that we've all seen is misleading, and purposely pits the most expensive 360 option (which the core is) vs the cheapest PS3 option, but that ain't it.

Below the main document are some specs. And some of them are bald faced lies. As in untrue and easily verifiable.

That's what the lawsuit is over. The false advertizing.

I also have to say how I love how partizan this chart is. They don't mention that the 360 comes with a wired controller, so the $50 is for an extra controller. They also don't mention that the 360 comes with a headset and hd cables, both that PS3 owners will have to buy seperately. And without the ability to output in HD, it isn't a real bluray player now is it?

So to make the ps3 equal to the 360, you actually have to spend up to an additional $70 or so.

Posted at 12:08PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Pedro Van Faulk 0 stars

8. $50 cable?? how high are you??

$15 from Amazon and it got a 5 star rating....

so now what?? and dont forget to add the $100 if you want to use wireless internet... they forgot that one and the battery charger that doesnt come included with the system...
Anything else i forgot??

Posted at 12:17PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Rich 0 stars

9. The one thing I hate about Fanboys is SH*T like this, you get over happy about nonsense!! Look own ALL 3 systems and buy the exclusives.....YOU WIN WHEN YOU OWN ALL 3!!!! Utter nonsense!! Grow the F*** up!!! Oh and P.S. Sony is REALLY taking care of their fans by including the same cable type I got with my Super Nintendo WAY BACK IN 1990!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Sony, your the BEST!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:29PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Mr BoomStick XL 0 stars

10. I also read that Nintendo could sue and just might do it. Sony is false on Nintendo's online service. They say it is free for only six months when it is free forever just like the ds. Sony needs to get thier facts straight. This could be another blow to their pockets if Mircosoft or Nintendo wins their lawsuit. Sony may have deep pockets but they can't keep losing money like this.

Posted at 12:44PM on Oct 24th 2006 by sonyguy 0 stars

11. nick you should be ashamed
i know this is ps3fanboy but wow, OMG, you guys call yourselves journalists one second and pretend the next.
so because you love the ps3 so much you have to be as shady and desperate as sony?

this article is bush-league. wow man

Posted at 1:09PM on Oct 24th 2006 by reguy 0 stars

12. why dont you also mention how sony just sued the pants of Lik-Sang forcing them to close just because they are jerks? big business is big business.

Posted at 1:41PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Paul 1 star

13. I think Microsoft have dropped the ball here and are overreacting to nothing.

To me, it is a comparison table that shows merely what a punter would be required to buy to match the PS3 spec and experience as closely as possible. It's perfectly legit to me.

I don't think the Wii should have been included as it doesn't really offer a fair comparison, unless you were to include in the experience an HD-DVD player or BluRay player. But as Wii goes primarily for games with no added functionality at all, you can't really group it with the others in this comparison.

In my most humble of opinions.

Posted at 1:44PM on Oct 24th 2006 by TheGuyNextDoor 0 stars

14. Sony should get more legal action (not that they haven't had enough). If they had "high standards" or "high quality", there wouldn't be exploding batteries or Disc Read Errors lawsuits with their name behind them.

That Lik-Sang crap really sucks for Europe.

Posted at 1:42PM on Oct 24th 2006 by SuicideNinja 2 stars

15. Dont forget MR Boomstick you can use your PS2 cables in the PS3, so if you have a TV capable of HD then use your old cables. I doubt most people getting a PS3 now didnt have a PS2 and if they had the TV to do HD, like me, then they bought the cables and will use those. Otherwise they want to leave it open if you have an HDMI TV.

Posted at 2:06PM on Oct 24th 2006 by BTitty 0 stars

16. I for one agree with paul. What Sony did to them was bogus. I hope Nintendo sues Sony also for the lie that the Wii will only have online service for free for 6 months. Nintendo has Online gaming free forever just like the DS. Quit feeding people crap Sony. For taking Lik-sang out of business I boycott all Sony products now. F@#$ Sony. They lost me as a fan. They went to far this time.

Posted at 2:45PM on Oct 24th 2006 by sonyguy 0 stars

17. ROFL

Sony sues and forces Lik-Sang to close shop.. and you call MS whiners?

Posted at 2:53PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Adam 0 stars

18. This is the type of thing I just hate. And besides, you can't compare any of this until the PS3 is released, they have a functioning online service, and everything else they've "promised". We've all heard their tall tales before. I don't believe it until we see it in action. Conclusion, this chart is not even accurate for the PS3 until the product is out and everything is legit.

Posted at 3:17PM on Oct 24th 2006 by digiNic 0 stars

19. Good lord, is there anything else these SONY can do to screw us over? I mean, they've REALLY covered the bases as far as pissing on customers. And now Lik-Sang? This is retarded.

Posted at 3:21PM on Oct 24th 2006 by Eithan 0 stars

20. microsoft just come on out and make that list public cuz it will blow up all over your face, the list is right, in order to match sony, we would have to spend far more than the ps3 requires.

Posted at 3:24PM on Oct 24th 2006 by dudeugotnochanceinhell 0 stars

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