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The PS3 preorder experience

I was there. I waited in line a good hour. Ahead of me? 16 lucky, lucky people with nothing better to do than get to their Athens GameStop at 6AM. How many preorders were taken? 16. That means they stopped when I reached the register. A true shame, since, you know, I kind of need one to properly do my job.

But enough talk of shame and pity and the like! I'm sure you all want to see the pictures of people waiting outside in chairs and stuff. You're in luck. If you click on "continue reading", I'm throwing up another picture there, since it's just... interesting. We also got to see a list of games coming out up until June of next year -- all were slated at a $59.99 price point. That's good. Most of the "good" games are arriving in February, so don't be too disappointed if you weren't able to grab a preorder. Besides, they'll have the bundle packs online by the end of the week.

If anyone has any questions relating to the preorders or the shopping experience in general, leave a comment and I'll share whatever I was able to learn with you.While I waited in line, I thought I'd snap a picture of everyone looking their best -- of course, they hissed and asked what I was doing. I replied curtly, "working".

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21. Glad I'm not the only nutcase who went to his GameStop at 2 AM. Was #1 in line with #2-4 not even arriving until 5:30 AM at the South Coast Plaza Mall (security let me in a little earlier than their 6 AM opening time).

Our line eventually grew to about 21 people, but by 9:30, they announced they only had 10 units to go around. They had some problems with their system updating to do the pre-orders, apparently because their phone lines were constantly in use by people calling in about pre-orders. In the end, they took down names * phone details and made us buy $100 gift cards that they kept. They did enforce a 2 game pre-order rule (I had already gotten COD3 and Resistance the week before).

Curiously, they claimed they're getting 'as many $599 systems as needed'.

Posted at 3:09PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Joost Schuur 0 stars

22. @ Anthony

you had to go fellate the dog this morning again, didnt you? dont lie. no need to cry about it.

i scored mine several months ago, so thankfully... no line waiting for me.

Posted at 3:11PM on Oct 10th 2006 by microdot 0 stars

23. I will have two. 1st in one store and 5th in the other.

Posted at 3:24PM on Oct 10th 2006 by The1 0 stars

24. I went to to GameStop at like 8:20am, there was only 1 guy waiting.
then at 9:30am the manager came and asked was we there for the PS3 we said yea then he said that there store is to new so only the older stores are getting them, i was so mad, so i rushed to an older GameStop i was like number 18 at 9:45. by the time i was 6 or 4 for the counter they said they just cores now, I was piss, so then it got to me and it was over....so i just have to do what i call a mad dash in the mall at Toys R Us like i did for PS2.

Posted at 3:27PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Silver 0 stars

25. A lot of people in line to buy a system that most launch games are just multi-console sport games.. shame

Posted at 3:28PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Adam 0 stars

26. I want a PS3 bad, but I can't justify a pre-order if I have to wait in line. There's no point. The launch day titles will be nice, but most people know the best games won't be out for about 6 months. If I have to wait until Christmas or even beyond, it won't be the end of life as I know it. I'll get by. I have a top-end PC for gaming, a PSP, and a PS2.

Posted at 3:36PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Gamey McGee 0 stars

27. It's not a scam if you think about it. It not the sellers fault, namely me, if people are willing to pay more than double for a ps3. Nobody is forcing people to get one. If anybody is intersted he me up.

Posted at 3:37PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Bob 0 stars

28. Same thing happened to me George.
Lucky I only live a five minute walk away

Posted at 3:52PM on Oct 10th 2006 by MTheory 0 stars

29. its not a suprise that bigger and more important cities got more ps3

good for u, but how did u get two, i thought it was 1 per household
i only got to pre order one
(btw i live in cleveland and my store got 20 ps3s)

Posted at 4:06PM on Oct 10th 2006 by serb 0 stars

30. Was #1 at my Anaheim Gamestop ^^ (got there at 6:30ish) Also got my receipt laminated

Posted at 4:28PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Hito 0 stars

31. serb
I gave a buddy of mine $50 and a cold six pack (standard friend payment for any favor) if he stood in line with me. It helps because he has a good rep with the local gamestop

However, this purchase (pre purchase?) has hit my pocket book and credit card pretty hard. in short im poor and would not hesitate to sell both if i dont break even on the first one.

Posted at 4:45PM on Oct 10th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

32. serb
I also paid the full price, not just the minimum $100 dollars.

Posted at 4:46PM on Oct 10th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

33. I was 1st in line at 6am this morning at my GameStop (Bellevue Square, Bellevue WA). They only had 5 to give out.

Posted at 4:11PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Aaron 0 stars

34. Got to the gamespot at the walt whitman mall in Melville, Long Island about 9:45 I was number 10 in line someone luckily got out of line (they thought we were waiting for the new mortal kombat........haha) so that made me # 9 pre-ordered my system and was on my way

Posted at 1:36PM on Oct 10th 2006 by xboriqua1 0 stars

35. So I get to my local ebgames store at 10:00 on the dot,thats when they open.Number 11 they were only taking 8 preorders fine, theres a gamestop(at a mall) and another ebgames within a three mile radius. I decide on ebgames because the mall is going to be crazy. So me and two other dudes peelout of the parking lot and I do like a buck twenty to the other ebgames.Its like 10:16 no line and like two dudes in the store(one clerk).As soon as I walk in the clerk says something quietly to the two customers then starts talking loud at this time i find out the customers are his buddys and he's telling them they should have been there earlier, then these two mountain dew comercial rejects start laughing and goofing around saying I guess we wont get our ps3.Right there in my head Im thinking i smell something fishy and its not your moms box.No one is regulating this if you work at ebgames/gamestop and there's one clerk he can sell to whoever he wants.If his other buddies are at school or couldnt leave work(LIKE I DID!!) he can do what he wants.So to that clerk I Hope your moms box gets punched and to ebgame/gamestop a big fat greazy F U. I'll wait maybe I'll find one in DEC/Jan if I'm lucky.360 doesnt impress me and the wii well I'm not 13 or retarted.Well thats that bitches

Posted at 5:26PM on Oct 10th 2006 by YourMomsBox 0 stars

36. I wasn't able to get a preorder in either... EB game out tickets to people in line before store opened (8AM said the guy workin the store)... oh well - i guess i'll have to wait and see what bestbuy, circuitcity, or costco have going in terms of getting a PS3 this year. If nothing relatively simple comes up, i'll wait until Jan/Feb like what ended up happening when I went for a PS2. Anyone else thing EB is setting the store quantities very low to make more money with the online bundles??? Me thinks that's what's going on...

oh well, guess my PS2 and Xbox360 will have to tide my urge to play games on the PS3...more time to read reviews, get opinions, and see what kind of hardware kinks there will be

Posted at 5:10PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Isagani 0 stars

37. @Nick Doerr
I was just wondering as you’re the most prevalent blogger on this site that your higher ups, as you like to call them couldn't secure you a journo/test PS3 for you (so that you can work….), just like some of the Joystiq bloggers got the journo (Black) 360s.
The Enlightened

Posted at 5:44PM on Oct 10th 2006 by The Enlightened 0 stars

38. @ The Enlightened -- ah, let's just say Sony and Joystiq don't get along. Since we're affiliated, we're not exactly in their brightest lens, either. A shame, since I truly do support and believe in Sony.

Posted at 5:58PM on Oct 10th 2006 by ndoerr 1 star

39. Dear PS3 fansboys:

I have no doubt in my mind that each of you who gets a ps3 will love it, and that love will be well placed.

BUT YOU'RE STILL ALL CRAZY FOR PLUNKING DOWN $500/$600 (not including accessories and games) ON ONE CONSOLE, LET ALONE A FIRST GEN!!!!!!

Posted at 6:17PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Aragorn 0 stars

40. from what i hear it seems like the ps3 is gonna sell out on preorders only

Posted at 6:18PM on Oct 10th 2006 by pythn2005 0 stars

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