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The PS3 preorder experience

I was there. I waited in line a good hour. Ahead of me? 16 lucky, lucky people with nothing better to do than get to their Athens GameStop at 6AM. How many preorders were taken? 16. That means they stopped when I reached the register. A true shame, since, you know, I kind of need one to properly do my job.

But enough talk of shame and pity and the like! I'm sure you all want to see the pictures of people waiting outside in chairs and stuff. You're in luck. If you click on "continue reading", I'm throwing up another picture there, since it's just... interesting. We also got to see a list of games coming out up until June of next year -- all were slated at a $59.99 price point. That's good. Most of the "good" games are arriving in February, so don't be too disappointed if you weren't able to grab a preorder. Besides, they'll have the bundle packs online by the end of the week.

If anyone has any questions relating to the preorders or the shopping experience in general, leave a comment and I'll share whatever I was able to learn with you.While I waited in line, I thought I'd snap a picture of everyone looking their best -- of course, they hissed and asked what I was doing. I replied curtly, "working".

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1. WOW, I DID IT!!!! I was the first one in line at my local EB and THIS just made my MONTH!!!!! Yes I LOVE the 360, but I would have been REALLY bumbed out if I missed the PS3 launch!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Posted at 12:05PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Mr BoomStick XL 0 stars

2. Woot! It's good to live in Maine. Went to my gamestop at 10am and got the four preorders we wanted, one for me, one for my brother, one for my girlfriend and one for my best friend. The last three preorders they had sold to the three other people behind me. Didn't even show up early, sometimes living in the backwoods helps.

Posted at 12:15PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Jake 0 stars

3. Must be nice, I was #18 =(

Posted at 12:21PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Patrick 0 stars

4. Your store got 16? My room mate and I got to GameStop early and were excited to find fairly short lines… only to discover that our location was only getting two PS3s.

Let me say that again: They only had TWO PS3s.

Granted I was expecting there to be low quantities, but I guess even 400,000 units doesn’t stretch as far as I thought it would. After asking around it would seem that the local EB had more, a whopping 12 units, making a total of 14 units for all of Gainesville (but who needs to sell videogames in a college town?).

Posted at 12:22PM on Oct 10th 2006 by peregrine 0 stars

5. nyc stores had anywhere from 6-12. all of the lists were filled by 10:00am.

Posted at 12:42PM on Oct 10th 2006 by ps3less 0 stars

6. Second in line this morning. I got to my store at 3AM and sat outside the door reading for my classes. The other guy there had a cot that he was sleeping on. Eventually, fourteen others showed up and they let us in the store at 9:50 for their 16 preorders. As soon as we got in, about 20 people rolled in hoping to get their orders. I got my premium package reserved and began the countdown to November 17th as I walked out the door with a smirk on my face directed at the less fortunate.

Posted at 12:44PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Logan 0 stars

7. Was just at my local GameStop. Wanted to reserve the Wii, but they weren't pre-ordering the Wii yet. Then they asked if I wanted to reserve the PS3, their store was allotted 3 PS3s.

I said no thank you.

Posted at 12:53PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Hirsbrunner 0 stars

8. i fully paid for two this moring. Call me all the names you want, but expect to see at least 1 on ebay asap. Im keeping the other one and im hoping to make enough profit to at least partially pay for both. but untill then
*lays a hat on the ground and begins to play a harmonica*

Posted at 1:13PM on Oct 10th 2006 by ozymandias 0 stars

9. i got to my EB at around 10:30 and was still number 10 of 16

Posted at 12:44PM on Oct 10th 2006 by justin 0 stars

10. i got to my local EB to late, they had 6 the funny thing was nobody in the line that got one is keeping it they were all for ebay! wtf

Posted at 1:17PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Sonyguy 0 stars

11. I was second in line this morn here in Clearwater, Fla. I arrived at 6:45 and the guy before me only arrived at 6:15. My Gamestop was allotted 8 consoles and right before 10 the 8th person showed up. Then at 10:01, this massive rush of people came in expecting theirs to which I walked past with receipt in hand, smiling. Some guy offered me $1000 bucks for my preorder to which I replied, "You should have been here at 6:45 like me." He got pissed and left. I smiled again in glee.

Posted at 1:37PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Kurt Angle 0 stars

12. I got my PS3 (preorder)! My friend and I were numbers 1 and 2 in line.

Course we got there at 2am. :D

Most people started showing up around 7-8, but there was a steady stream of people. At least 20 people in line with more people going back when they saw the line.

8 hours to get a preorder? Totally freaking worth it. :p


Posted at 1:41PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Colin 0 stars

13. I normally check my email at about 8:30am, but because of an early meeting today, didn't get to check until almost 10am. When I did, saw the email from EB about the PS3 preorders. Immediately called the closest EB and asked if they had any preorder allocations left and they said yes but only a few. Tried to get them to take my preorder over the phone, or at least hold a spot for me until I got there, but they would have none of that. Well, I work in an executive park right next door to the big mall here in Burlington, MA (which is where the closest EB is located, at which I do pretty much all of my videogaming business), so I told my boss I had to leave for 15-20 minutes and walked over their as fast as I could. There was one girl in line (hmm, guess what she was preordering?) and I feared the worst...but then the phone rang and the employee says to the caller, "Yes, but we only have a couple left."...I was golden! I asked and they told me they were allocated 13 PS3's. So, got my PS3 Premium Preorder in and was back in my office 17 minutes after I left. Oh, and just a couple of minutes after I got back, a co-worker of mine called the EB I was just at, along with a second EB and a GameStop (all of which are within 1 mile of where I work) and none of them had any more preorders available. Man, am I lucky. Christmas has officially come early this year for me! Thank you Santa!

Posted at 1:41PM on Oct 10th 2006 by JasonIsSoHappyToday 0 stars

14. They left out working folk so I sent my mom over to a remote EBGames in a pretty bad neighborhood. I found out at 9:30, by 9:35 I had called 5 EBGames in the area to find out they were all sold out already. She left where she was at 9:40 and got there at 9:55. SHE WAS FIRST IN LINE with 6 "nerds" showing up right behind her as she called them! She preordered a 60gig for me!! I'm still Best Buy camping for fun/to pay for my PS3 (thank you eBay!)

Posted at 1:39PM on Oct 10th 2006 by DomZ 0 stars

15. I went with a friend at 6:30am, and waited until 10 when they opened. We were the first in and the first out with our preorders. My gamestop got 13 PS3s.

I'm so glad we got one though!

Posted at 1:48PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Kendal 1 star

16. Here is my story.

I skipped school and headed to the nearest EB and no one was there so i waited for about 20 min for the store to open and to my surprise NO PREORDERS FOR CANADA YET. I AM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!

Posted at 1:59PM on Oct 10th 2006 by George 0 stars

17. I seriously hope that no one buys from idiots selling them on Ebay. I don't call these people real gamers. Just a bunch of scam artists.

Posted at 2:03PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Too much Hype 0 stars

18. Gamestop/EB won't take preorders over the phones to prevent people from buying PS3s remotely and resell them on Ebay. Talked to my friend who is a manager before the store opened this morning. had to get my cousin to go put my name down because that EB is 200 miles away from where I live. Thankfully, i have annual leave to enjoy my PS3 with my cousin who put his name down too

Posted at 2:13PM on Oct 10th 2006 by glaci3r 0 stars

19. Got 2 with my g/fs help. Not real hard and there was just 3 of us out there all morning.

Posted at 1:18PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Jb 0 stars

20. I was gonna go to get one, but then i remember that i have a life.

Posted at 2:49PM on Oct 10th 2006 by Anthony 0 stars

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