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Gears of War MIA, Japanese consumers for 360 also MIA

If anything were going to drive sales up in the Japanese market for Microsoft's XBox360, Gears of War would have been a good bet. So, where is it? Oh, that's right, it's too graphic so Microsoft wasn't allowed to let people play it at the Tokyo Game Show. That sucks. It's one of the few games worth getting excited for and has received the most royal of hype treatments, but no. No show. Too bad, Microsoft. Time to pull out of Japan... and give Sony Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata while you're at it. So, let's see a show of hands -- who thinks Sony delivered at the Tokyo Game Show? By that, we mean had a better showing than its competitors. I'll raise both of mine. Multiple times.

[via Joystiq]

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21. Okay, I apologize for the Blue dragon thing. I honestly hadn't heard that.

But to all the 360 fanboys. I freaking have a 360 too. I had a xbox also. And a gamecube. And a ps2. And a ps1, and a dreamcast. And a saturn, and an SNES. Oh, and I worked at Microsoft for 6 years. ;)

The 360 doesn't suck. But the launch DID suck. Call of Duty? Come on. I was playing it on my PC at a rez 2x what the 360 version offered and at 10 bucks cheaper. Oh, and better controls. And PGR3 is a hardly an awesome launch game. It has a very small group of admirers. And almost all the major 360 titles, with the exception of Dead Rising and Saints Row have come out on the PC. You play Oblivion on the 360? Its freaking pathetic compared to the PC version. User created content is what absolutely made that game. I've played almost every single 360 game thats come out. Nothing like an unlimited blockbuster account and a gamefly account to let me try out a wide swatch of games. And out of all the games I've played, after a year, there are only maybe 3 or 4 games I like.

But anyway, the PS3 launch looks better than any other Sony console launch ever. People hated on the ps2 launch too, but obviously people got over it. And same with the ps1. And the psp for that matter.

When it comes down to it, Sony is arrogant as normal. The console is more expensive and has more features than the internet pundits thing is required (ps3, psp, ps2, ps1 all had the same complaints). But when it comes down to it, Sony brings a ton of high quality games. The 360 has some great ones too, but Sony has easily enough to give it some solid credence.

Now pardon me. I'm gonna go play Dead Rising while i wait for my PS3 and Resistence Fall of Man.


Posted at 1:09AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Colin 0 stars

22. No worries...GOW will still make an appearance next week at Barcelona...and it actually indeed did make an appearence at TGS as IGN has impressions:

And on Oct 7th this Title will be shipped to stores...long before many PS3 fanboys will ever get their hands on a PS3.

Posted at 3:47AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Munchie 1 star

23. It makes me laugh to see the sony boys saying the xbox fanboys are showing hate....they aren't, they are just saying the truth. And also i don't even think they are xbox fanboys, i think they just like video games and are turned away from what sony has shown. I agree with them, the ps3 and xbox 360 are almost equal on graphical level and ps3 has been losing lots of its exclusives. Also the ps3 has no real good launch titles and the 360 is starting to spread away from FPSs and getting RPGs. The fanboys just can't admit that their favorite system is starting to lose. Me i don't care who wins. i already have a 360 and will be getting a wii....but not a ps3 unless i see a game that will be exclusive that i want...and then i still wont get it unless they release lots of exclusive good games. ok i am done

Posted at 10:16AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Surrealistic 0 stars

24. FPSs will always be 360's bread and butter. TGS was about MS saying 'hey Japan, look at me, we have RPGs too' .. hence why they emphasized RPGs over FPSs. The upcoming x06 will be about FPS, sports, and racing games.

And, because you dont find any PS3 launch games appealing makes it the truth? Thats just fanboism.

And, show me an 360 game running at 1080p 60fps via hdmi.

Posted at 11:02AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today? 0 stars

25. OH EM GEE! 1 million units reserved!

that sounds pretty sad if u consider halo 2 had 1.5 million reservations, which was a game


Posted at 11:39AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Irwin 0 stars

26. The funny thing is that Gears of War will be out in two weeks. The same is true with many of the 360 Titles. They are already out or they are coming very soon.

It seems like all the good PS3 titles not only are not launch titles...but no where near launch. That's a slap in the face to folks who were convinced by Sony to not buy a 360 and wait a year for the PS3. Now that year has passed and we will have a PS3 but none of the AAA titles??? And in all of TGS there still is no tangible showing of any online plans???

How much longer will folks have to wait for Online play on the PS3? Why no announcement yet? I can't believe that they are keeping consumers in the dark on one of the most important features only 2 months before launch. I mean really HDMI...who cares...but solid online play was important last gen yet alone this gen.

Posted at 12:30PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Munchie 1 star

27. "And, show me an 360 game running at 1080p 60fps via hdmi."

Show me a game on the PS3 running that, and I'm sorry GT:HD doesn't count because thats a 3 year old game with high res tectures. The only game I know of so far is Virtua Tennis, please excuse me if that game doesn't exactly blow my skirt up.

Yes the 1080p spec is impressive but thats all its good for. When a developer is going to have the option to push 1080p or more tectures to a larger audience that is using 720p/1080i they are more than likey going to spend the time and effort into AI and other gameplay aspects. HDMI is NOT going to bring you some revolutionary gaming experiance. HDMI is there to let BluRay movies run at full 1080p and nothing more. The Xbox will support 1080p in games (not HD-DVD, AACS specifies the max can be 1080i) and it will do it over Component. This like PC users arguing over using a HDMI vs. DVI and which is better to display the same content. Its just a display interconnect get over it. Most of the people arguing over the HDMI issue more than likely don't have 1080p sets let alone HDMI capable sets.

Please come into 2006, the PS3 will not include TWO HDMI's on the $599 model. That was from E3 2005 and just like everything else Sony said it was either completely false or only partly true in a very screwed world.

Playstion Online, where was it? Shouldn't this have been the time to show this off? Instead not a word was said about it. Does anyone truly believe this is going to be the Xbox Live killer service? This is starting to look like more of the same PS2 online service.

Posted at 1:28PM on Sep 24th 2006 by dasgooch 0 stars

28. According to their TGS information, the 60GB version will now have not one, but two HDMI ports. Like me, you maybe asking yourself: "What the hell?" Here's Sony's alleged answer.

"Ken Kutaragi announced that the 20GB version of PlayStation 3 will come with one HDMI port, and the 60GB version will have two HDMI ports for super letterbox display on side-by-side HDTVs."

Please come into 2006, the PS3 WILL INCLUDE TWO HDMI's.

Thank you.

Posted at 2:51PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Dahk 0 stars

29. Dahk-

Please post an article saying they confirmed this. Last I heard about about Super Letterbox was in 2005. But hey we all make mistakes, just show me where I can find this information not just a quote. The only press release I can find about the PS3 from Sony at the TGS is this.

No mention of Dual HDMI on the 60Gb. I'll take two helpings of humble pie if you can show me the press release that states this.

Posted at 3:28PM on Sep 24th 2006 by dasgooch 0 stars

30. Sorry to keep posting this but the only info i can find that supports this quote you gave is from In this forum topic he lists the same quote as you as coming from another site but when you go to this site that quote is no where to be found. I really want to beleive that Sony is coming through with one of their E3 2005 promises but I can't find any proof.

Posted at 3:41PM on Sep 24th 2006 by dasgooch 0 stars

31. @dasg...

Ridge Racer 7: 1080p 60fps, a launch game no less, sooo, stfu.

Like i said, insecure xbox fanbois trying to justify their purchase by knocking other systems with BS. Your precious console is about to become obsolete. Start saving for PS3 now since you'll be picking on up sooner or later.

Posted at 4:06PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today? 0 stars

32. Yup you found me out. I'm jealous of RIIIIIGGGE RAAAAAACER! Guess what Ridge Racer didn't sell worth a shit on the X360 and I doubt 1080p is going to move this title any better. I will try to justify my purchase this fall while im playing GoW, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Dead Rising, Saints Row and Blue Dragon. Damn you are so right... I better save my money to play some shitty launch titles. If only I had a game with real time weapon switching and giant crabs then I'd be all set.

Posted at 4:56PM on Sep 24th 2006 by dasgooch 0 stars

33. To be honest, I agree with das on Ridgeyracer. Sure it'll look quite nice and all, but its just way too arcade-ish. Maybe I'm just too much of a Gran Turismo fan.


- Ken Kutaragi announced that the 20GB version of PlayStation 3 will come with one HDMI port, and the 60GB version will have two HDMI ports for super letterbox display on side-by-side HDTVs. The 20GB version will be sold for 49980 yen in Japan on November 11, 2006.

It is on that magicbox site. You just had to look a little before.

Posted at 10:13PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Dahk 0 stars

34. I apologize for being so rash there btw.
I realize now that there aren't that many articles supporting this. But we'll see. I shall take a piece of that humble pie.

Posted at 10:24PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Dahk 0 stars

35. What an idiotic piece by Nick D. Obviously he never read the complete news and coverage of the TGS.

Perhaps he would like to comment on the following:

1. Ken Kutaragi's uninspiring and underwhelming speech.
2. The out-of-this world pre-launch price cut for PS3 in Japan (Kutaragi even called the console "cheap" not so long ago)
3. Warhawk being delayed all the way to summer 2007
4. Assassin's Creed being released for Xbox 360 and PC
5. Why a paltry 100,000 PS3 consoles will be launched in Japan (as opposed to the 1 million PS2s launched in the same place six years earlier).

Posted at 8:04PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Ritchie Nolasco 0 stars

36. 1. Ken Kutaragi's uninspiring and underwhelming speech.

The only ceo who can sell something based on a speech is Steve Jobs, and thats only because there is a ready supply of Apple fanboys who will but sh!t if it had an apple logo on it. IE: speeches dont matter.

2. The out-of-this world pre-launch price cut for PS3 in Japan (Kutaragi even called the console "cheap" not so long ago)

Only an xbox fanbois would spin this into a negative; others are happy about this.

3. Warhawk being delayed all the way to summer 2007

Woopie doop. Forza is delayed till who know when. Woopie doop. We can go all night.

4. Assassin's Creed being released for Xbox 360 and PC

This was known begore TGS. Your point is lost.

5. Why a paltry 100,000 PS3 consoles will be launched in Japan (as opposed to the 1 million PS2s launched in the same place six years earlier).

Even at 100k units, Sony will sell more PS3s in a day than MS sold 360s in an ENTIRE YEAR WITH NO COMPETITION. go to sleep, its past your bed time little boy.

Posted at 10:48PM on Sep 24th 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today? 0 stars

37. I AM A XBOX 360 FANBOY. Just kidding, but I felt like I needed an attention getter. Anyways, let me explains something to you guys. There is no 1080p60. It exists, but it's not being implanted anywhere yet. It requires insane amount of bandwidth (twice as much to be precise. There is 1080i60 (max for interlaced) and there is 1080p30 (max for progressive). I personally have this feeling that most of you think that 1080p > 1080i = True, well the answer is, it's not. It's just two different ways to render the image on the television. The quality of the de-interlacer "IN THE TV" (emphasis) is the primary factor that decides which is favored more for that SPECIFIC TV (emphasis again).It's different for every television, and that's why people get confused by statements like: "1080i and 1080p are not distinguishable", "1080i is better" or "1080p is better". In essence the two are equal in bandwidth transfer and quality. Why, because 1080p does a full screen run in one frame as opposed to 1080i, which only does half screen (odd or even horizontal lines)run in one frame. Here is the catch though, 1080i, by default is at 60 fps and 1080p is at 30fps. Do the math and you'll notice that everything is the same (bandwidth wise). But there is one thing 1080i actually has over a 1080p, and it's the flickering effect. Why do you think computer monitors do interlacing instead of progressive? less stress on eyes maybe?

Just my two cents. So please stop arguing which one is better, they are both good.

If I was wrong with my information, please correct me. If there is a game that really does run at 1080p60, could you link me. Thanks.

Posted at 10:42PM on Sep 24th 2006 by cerberus414 0 stars

38. Why all the hostility in here? Why can't your AVERAGE gamer just like games and be done with it? I feel I'm the average gamer. I get EVERY console that comes out. I was disappointed in my PS2. I enjoyed my Xbox. I catch hell for that. Sony pays NO BILLS in my house, only takes away, so I show no loyalty for that. But if something gives me the feeling that my purchase was justified, I'll represent it. So by your definition, I'm a "Microsoft Fanboy". In all actuality, I was gonna buy a PS3 until I heard the price...until I saw their hesitation to reveal their online plans...until I saw that the majority of the launch titles I'm interested in I already have on the 360 and have been playing for a year...until a lot of things actually.

But if I come in any "discussion" and voice my displeasure, I'll be attacked and called a fanboy and told my favorite console will be obsolete and blah blah blah. Truthfully, the people that scream out "FANBOY" at others the most are the biggest fanboys themselves.

Why can't people just fess up when their boyfriend console makes a mistake? I can fess up to Microsoft's...because like Sony, they take away from my bills instead of pay them.

I'm gonna stop my rant here

[/end first post]

Posted at 3:24AM on Sep 25th 2006 by Jamil 0 stars

39. dasgooch,

Stop being such a dipshit 360 fanboy reading a ps3 fansite, man. Ridge Racer 6 was the best selling game in japan for Xbox 360 for some time. Of course, it didn't move any 360s because it was the worst selling game in its own turf, and in Japan nobody wanted a 360 regardless of its "great" (not) games.

Anyhow, the only way for Japan to actually get a 360 is to get most of the RPGs, which is unlikely. RPGs that were exclusive to 360 are already being ported to PS3 (example: Enchanted Arms). Mistwalker alone can't save Microsoft... or can they? We'll see... but with FFXIII and MGS4 coming to PS3, PS3 is sure to sell out (in Japan, at least). Yes, Japan loves sequels... too bad for Sony that Dragon's Quest might move to Wii (but that's just a maybe).

Posted at 7:44PM on Sep 24th 2006 by the_pwnerer 0 stars

40. OMG, see this is why PS3 fanboy is considered a hack blog site. Articles like this are so stupid it makes my brain hurt. How the hell did Sony do anything great at TGS. Besides the keynote they had a better showing then E3, but not by much. Please start living in the real world it actually kinda fun here.

Posted at 12:58PM on Sep 25th 2006 by Lucas 0 stars

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