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Gears of War MIA, Japanese consumers for 360 also MIA

If anything were going to drive sales up in the Japanese market for Microsoft's XBox360, Gears of War would have been a good bet. So, where is it? Oh, that's right, it's too graphic so Microsoft wasn't allowed to let people play it at the Tokyo Game Show. That sucks. It's one of the few games worth getting excited for and has received the most royal of hype treatments, but no. No show. Too bad, Microsoft. Time to pull out of Japan... and give Sony Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata while you're at it. So, let's see a show of hands -- who thinks Sony delivered at the Tokyo Game Show? By that, we mean had a better showing than its competitors. I'll raise both of mine. Multiple times.

[via Joystiq]

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1. Are you joking? Gears of War was made for the NA and European markets. As much as it is hyped in these regions, it is and will be largely irrelevant in Japan.

Blue Dragon is a different story; but, it comes too late and will be seen as an MS rpg, not the real thing. It's now competing with two console launches.

TGS is quickly becoming the Playstation show. Nintendo will do their own thing; in this case it is a good move, because showing GameCube quality games in the face of near completed PS3 games would not be good (wiimote or no).

Posted at 3:23PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today? 0 stars

2. ::raise::

Posted at 3:34PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Brian 0 stars

3. It's not over yet, but I think both had bad TGS showings. MS had a better press conference, but Sony showcased many games we've never seen played before so that evens it out. All in all, Sony had a slightly better presence, but disappointing considering TGS is their home turf. I presume MS will do better in Barcelona next week. I'm just glad it's finally obvious there won't be any big graphical differences between the two systems so we can finally concentrate on the games.

Oh, and despite all those gorgeous RPGs, my vote for the game of the show (so far) goes to Lost Planet. Can't wait to play that one.

Posted at 3:43PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by insane_cobra 0 stars

4. @ insane_cobra -- I'm actually looking forward to some Lost Planet action, myself. I'll just have to use a friend's 360.

Posted at 4:30PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by ndoerr 1 star

5. Microsoft has yet to win over the japanese market, because they don't get it yet.
In Japan games like that stupid Mosquito game actually sell, while games like Gears of War will not sell.

Additionally, the Japanese are loyal to Sony (duh made by a japanese company)
They are not like 60% of americans who drive Toyotas and Hondas.
Of course when the Germans and Japanese own everything over here we will wonder why we fought so hard in war, just to sell the country away.

Posted at 6:01PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Scott Krueger. 0 stars

6. Yeah....NO dont kid urself fanboys. Sony had a horrible showing. There is A (Single) game that im looking forward to on the PS3 and thats Metal Gear Solid 4 which owned TGS single handedly. But that alone is not worth the money im pay for the console, which puts out the same graphics as the 360 and has crap online compared to Xbox Live. Go ahead and have ur MGS4 ill have my Fable, Halo3, Gears of War, and Blue Dragon. Btw i am a "convert" i loved Sony, but they broke my heart.

Posted at 6:04PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Josh 0 stars

7. So, where's Killzone 2 then?

Oh yeah, it doesn't exist.

Posted at 6:13PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by PS9 0 stars

8. Just because Sony had the best show doesn't mean much. There was very little competition as Nintendo had their own event and Microsoft has X06 coming up and try as they might, just aren't very relevant to Japan. Gears of War wont do very well in the Japanese market; it's a very western game.
Sony has lost Japan to Nintendo (100,000 units!?) and Microsoft is taking a step in the right direction, but they're kidding themselves if they think they're going to do too much better in Japan. Sony wins by default only... their show still sucked balls.

Posted at 6:23PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Alexis Ayala 0 stars

9. Hands up!

Posted at 7:28PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by AG 0 stars

10. Press conference sucked, HDMI announcement was cool though.

Best game presence on the floor though? Easily goes to the PS3, with the Wii's nonexistent presence, and the 360s limited 'look we have RPGs too!' presence.

200 PS3 consoles, what almost 30 playable games? Thats pretty berserk. Plus a bunch of 1080p games and a couple games that apparently use the SIXAXIS (hah) controller really well.

Oh, and japan gets 100k at launch (sucks to be them) but then gets MORE PS3s for the rest of the year than we get. Sony is saying 1.2 million in each terrority, so its going to be raining ps3s within a couple weeks after launch there. So stop fretting about it.


Posted at 9:21PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Colin 0 stars

11. And yet the longest lines of the show still belonged to MS.

Posted at 10:12PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Pedro Van Faulk 0 stars

12. The only reason the Japanese people do not buy XBOX is because Microsoft is an American company. That is all there is to it. They don't buy American cars, or any other American products. Anyone who thinks it's because XBOX is an inferior system is a moron living in denial. They buy Sony because Sony is a Japanese company and they are loyal to their country and their companies.
In 1993 the number one selling shirt in Japan was "We're #1", the number one selling shirt in America for that year was "Under achiever, and proud of it".
Kind of says it all doesn't it?

Posted at 10:13PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by dsr7997 0 stars

13. Must be bery sad times being a Sony fan right now. You have to tell yourself over and over they are still doing a good job. It was widely agreed this week that Ken K.'s keynote was a major yawn fest... pictochat anyone? What launch titles were announced that are going to be the killer apps? Oh yeah none. So the only important news that came out was that Sony was going to stop crippling the upgrade path for the 20Gb model. Also don't forget that their only reason to own a PS3, MSG4, has been delayed till late 2007 possibly 2008. Yup I'd say this is a resounding failure of a showing for Sony. Meanwhile Microsoft announced the inclusion of Blue Dragon with the 360 core pack and a price drop. Also lets not forget Microsoft took away Sony's major selling point as being the only 1080p system.... so sad...

Posted at 10:40PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by dasgooch 0 stars

14. And lets not forget that Warhawk, Bladestorm and Fatal Inertia will miss launch, with the latter two possibly going to 360.

Posted at 10:55PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Pedro Van Faulk 0 stars

15. Hah, I love all the MS fanboys who troll a PS3 FANBOY site. Especially the ones that go on and on about the PS3 launch. Look at the freakin' 360 launch. It blew chunks.

And MGS4 wasn't delayed. Late 2007 is what Kojima has always said.

Also, where did you see Blue Dragon being included in the core pack? All I saw was that they were including a couple crappy games (PGR3 and some random game). Blue Dragon isn't even launching until well, oh yeah. Its not even announced yet. So yeah, in a year in a half, maybe they'll include it.

Until then, stop trolling these boards and go back to posting on Joystiq. They like your kind around there. ;)


Posted at 11:29PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Colin 0 stars

16. Umm... FPSs are worth jack shit in Japan. I know it sucks for you guys because you as excited westerners didn't get to play it, but if they didn't like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Halo or Killzone then Gears of War isn't about to change their minds. In Japan its games like Trusty Bell, Lost Odyessey and Blue Dragon that are going to elevate the 360 to where it belongs. I'd excpect Gears of War at X06 for sure.

Posted at 11:48PM on Sep 23rd 2006 by Nik 0 stars

17. @ Colin: Yes, Blue Dragon is being included in the core pack in Japan.

From IGN's live update of the M$ conference:

"Following the trailer, Sensui takes the stage and announces that on 12/7, Microsoft will release a Blue Dragon premium pack that bundles the game with the Xbox 360 core unit for 28,381 yen."


I don't know what blunt object you smashed against your head. Oh yeah, fanboyism. :P

Sony needed to have the bigger presence. They're fading fast, and are in deep $h!t if Microsoft can get the Japanese public interested in their RPGs.

I will admit that this White Knight game is blowing my mind, though. It, Lair, and MGS4 are the only games that could sell me on a PS3. Too bad Microsoft already sold me on their 360 with Gears of War, Crackdown, Dead Rising, Viva Pinata (it intrigues me :D), Lost Planet, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Xbox Live in general. Sony has STILL failed to show anything tangible with their online service.

Posted at 12:11AM on Sep 24th 2006 by dragonjoe 0 stars

18. Colin-

Thank you for once again reinforcing the painfully obvious fact that Sony fanboys don't actually read the news they just make it up.

Yes this is fact Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox 360 core and IS including a copy of Blue Dragon. I would hardly say I am a troll. Yes I am a 360 owner but first and foremost I am a gamer and I go where the good games are. Right now there isn't a single launch title I can say the PS3 is launching with that interests me at all. The Xbox 360 on the other hand while it had its launch problems as far as shortages (something you'll be all to familiar with come November) it also had some very good launch titles such as PGR3 and Call of Duty 2 (not an exclusive but still an excellent game that is still in the top 5 games played on Xbox Live. The difference now between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 is that the 360 has had a year's worth of very good titles (Ghost Recon, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Oblivion) mean while the PS3's launch will be small and have few titles let alone a must have title. So why would someone walk into a store this November and see at least $100 price increase and far fewer games choose the PS3? I am not saying that the PS3 might have some very good titles a little later in its life cycle but right now, and as far as the topic goes, this TGS was very uneventful and hardly generated very much excitement. For all of the PS3's supposed technological advantages (Cell and BluRay) what the hell is it going to get me as far as games right now. MGS4 is undoubtedly going to be a huge success but thats 2007 and this is now. GT5 even further out. I'm not trying to be an ass but please tell me what is the must have title for the PS3 launch, I might have missed it. But thats why I read PS3fanboy, so I can know what is coming down the pipe to get excited about. But right now there is nothing I want to play.

Posted at 12:15AM on Sep 24th 2006 by dasgooch 0 stars

19. I agree with Colin there.

I mean come on. 1 mill ps3s preordered already was it? two months before launch? That's pretty impressive.

And honestly, having the console at 1080p isn't the whole fight right now. PS3's gone and included TWO HDMI's against the zeroes of em-ess! Good future ahead for PS3. If it doesn't boom at launh (1 mill already though), it'll definitely still be rocking and deadly a couple years from now. Plus, the blu-ray still gives the space advantage which is already well used in games like Resistance - nice box art btw.

And yes mgs4 has always been late 2007 lol. Even in the crazy thing where they did 2006, added the right side to make it 8. and then did the mgs attention sound and crossed it out and made it 7 with a HUHHHGGHH. =)

Posted at 12:25AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Dahk 0 stars

20. Wow, lots of xbox fanboys getting all antsie with the upcoming release of the PS3. They come here to spread their hate so that they can feel better about their purchase. They always spout the non-sense arguments hoping to get a response.

Well sorry little boys, xbox 360 = dreamcast.

Posted at 12:41AM on Sep 24th 2006 by Caramella Bongo ... how are you today? 0 stars

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