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The Darkness Lead Designer favors Blu-ray scored some Question and Answer time with the Swedish studs at Starbreeze Studios. Having ironed out The Chronicles of Riddick among other titles, they're now tackling The Darkness (based on the comic) for PlayStation 3.

A notable quote from the interview came from when Lead Designer Jens Andersson spoke on his personal experience with developing for the PS3 and the new Blu-ray medium: "Personally, I think Blu-Ray is going to be the thing that will make most difference. Since the start of the development we've been discussing whether or not we will fit the game onto one DVD, and that is not counting all the bonus materials we want to cram onto the disc."

So having all that extra space is showing some merit already. There are some in-house readers who would agree with that, based on our previous Blu-ray poll. Now it's just a matter of time before we see the advantages for ourselves.

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1. its like computers, as the size of hard drives increased it just allowed programmers to get lazier and lazier (windows anyone?) and produce crappy code (windows anyone?) instead of making a more refined version.

Posted at 3:08PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Paul 1 star

2. Woo hoo, special features!

Um, screw special features like concept art and interviews that I'll look at only once. They should concentrate on just making the game, and extending it's replay value.

Also, this still seems to be an excuse to me...if they can fit Oblivion on a DVD-9 with room to spare, what is their excuse for running out of room?

Posted at 3:13PM on Jul 18th 2006 by SuicideNinja 2 stars

3. Wow ignorance seems rampant about why games take up alot of space. Game code takes up very little space actually. Look at the size of up and coming Spore. As this game has almost no content shipped with it and most of the content is user generated and the game uses procedural generation to make content. Most of the space is actually taken up by artwork.

Further the reason Oblivion only took up 4.5 Gb is because it uses a middleware called speedtree to generate good looking trees. These trees are procedurally generated so they are not drawn by an artist they are drawn by the processor using smart algorythms.

Now use your imagination and vision a game set in a city. This game could not make use of speedtree because buildings are more detailed than trees and it would be hard to make algorythms that would make convincing buildings.

So until they make middleware capable of procedurally generating convincing stuff other than trees then more space on discs WILL be required. For reference F.E.A.R. took up 5 gb and is no where near the size of Oblivion, wich was a great game.

Posted at 3:54PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Fan 1 star

4. Oh and suecide ninja RTFA it specifically states that they are running out of space NOT counting extras.

Please go looking for more straws to grasp. hahaha

Posted at 3:59PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Fan 1 star

5. Fan,

Speedtree mostly saves time.

Textures take up WAY more room than shapes information. A huge building with only a couple of low-rez textures could fit on a 3.5 diskette.

You'd be amazed at what can be done procedurally, check out

Posted at 5:08PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Justin 0 stars

6. No speedtree does not only save time. It saves money, labor, and space used on the actual artwork. I refer you to the homepage to see what features Speedtree brings to the table:

And I agree procedural generation has come a long way but its considered extremly hard to develope in this matter. Alot of the CPU power in todays games are used on physics and more, it will take a while before we see complex games using more of this method. For more information on the subject i refer you to the wiki:

Posted at 6:02PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Fan 1 star

7. "it would be hard to make algorythms that would make convincing buildings."

Not really; buildings are generally symmetric and have predictable geometry. The wear and tear on them is one thing, but it's not an outlandish concept to be able to generate the location of "worn" textures.

I'm very aware that artwork, audio, and video take up the most space. There's nothing wrong with compressing the first two (most people wouldn't notice). Video should be replaced by scripted in-game rendering instead of space wasted on out-of-place pre-rendered CG. With the middleware and higher resolutions available, it will take away from the game more to stop and move to a cutscene with severe graphic changes. We aren't playing the gritty PS1 and PS2 anymore.

#1 is right. Essentially, the extra storage is just like buying a bigger garbage can. You can fit more junk in it so you don't have to take it out as often. Think "Hot Coffee". LOL

Posted at 7:14PM on Jul 18th 2006 by SuicideNinja 2 stars

8. More space for lazy programming? Jeez, you act like code takes up a lot of space (in actuality it's miniscule. Simple games like hangman can be coded within 2kb of space. It's true 'cause i've done it.) This kind of retaliation only goes to show how nervous some Xbox fans are about the PS3. Most of the space used on discs is for visual and audio assets, and the worst thing possible is to impose limits on developers. Procedurally generated buildings? gimme a break. You'd end up with with generic architecture to say the least (unless of course that's what you want). Procedural generation is also very CPU intensive and better spent on other things (like water and clouds).

Posted at 1:33AM on Jul 19th 2006 by DJ 0 stars

9. Again with the same argument? Many developers have expressed their desire to work with Blu-ray. Of course, PS3 games seem to cost more than 360 games, but we could educatedly guess it is because of the amount of content.

Let the games come out, and we'll see if there's really more content. No amount of arguing will help the 360 or PS3 (and their formats) until they are both out.

Posted at 3:53AM on Jul 25th 2006 by boots 2 stars


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