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The results are in: You embrace Blu-ray! (Some of you)

We decided it was time to take the Blu-ray inquiry out of limbo and officially close the poll. As you can see, over 1,400 readers had something to say about it. So, what do you think about Blu-ray? More than half of you embrace the strategic move by Sony to include the next-generation format in the new console. This speaks a lot to the kind of people we have interested in the system: those who opted for the first choice are willing to take the price spike for the new medium.

On the other end, over 30% said they should have the right to decide for themselves. Two versions of the console would cut the cost considerably, but leave Sony more vulnerable to HD-DVD by not smuggling Blu-ray in with every PS3.

At any rate, thanks for voting! And if you harbor a burning desire to know what the community here thinks and have an interesting question to ask the audience, let us know.

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1. Should Blu-ray be incorporated? Well should we even be forced to move onto a new media when DVD's havent been that mainstream for that long. And you have to pay 200-300 hundred extra for a console that is already expensive! Sony are making a huge error. And its going to come biting back at them this generation. I know many think Sony cant do anything wrong, but then people thought that of Nintendo when Sony first arrived. After all...Sony has just been the top seller for two generations...which isnt that huge considering that Microsoft and Nintendo have achieved much MUCH more! Specialy Nintendo who has dominated the entire industry since they arrived to the scene.

But how will Sony lose, well im afraid it boils down to money. The PS3, A-K-A "The600" is really expensive for casual gamers and considering that most PS1/2 owners fit into that. Well Sony has just lost nearly half there user base. for the Non-gamers who both Sony and Microsoft say will be attracted to buy there systems?! I cannot see them buying a system at 300 never mind 600! If previous gens didnt intrest them how in the world will their newest systems achieve this? Answer: They wont, they cant!

Sony and Microsoft have downplayed Nintendo for too long, and you always have to watch the underdog! They always bite back. Especialy when they have the greatest minds in the industry!!!

Posted at 9:00AM on Jul 5th 2006 by tOUCH-gEN 0 stars

2. The big story here is that barely 52% think it should be incorporated at all. Remember this is a fanboy site... if it was 52% of the general public that would be a great sign... 52% of fanboys... not so great.

Posted at 9:23AM on Jul 5th 2006 by Paul 1 star

3. I think its a great idea. One games can be bigger and hold more content. 2 for not hjaving to buy yet another product to play Blu_ray and for trying to have a change. yes Sony could go old school and just do Dual layer dvds but thats quite old..

Posted at 11:33AM on Jul 5th 2006 by Steven 0 stars

4. The problem is too many people now see the $499 PS3 as stripped down and "crippled" when it's actually just missing the features that most critics say they couldn't care less about.
If they did their homework they would see what an incredible bit of hardware you're getting for $499.
Yes, this hardware includes Blu-ray, which is a lot more than just a standard dvd with high definition and more space.
People need to be educated, that's all. :)

For movies > http://www.blu-raydisc.com/Section-13470/Section-13627/Index.html

For games (translation required sorry) > http://www.ps3focus.nl/sitee/nieuws/bekijk.php?id=1778

Posted at 1:08PM on Jul 5th 2006 by Vince 0 stars

5. All due respect to detractors everywhere, but the "big" story here is that the overwhelming majority of those polled don't agree with you. Despite all the bemoaning of websites like Joystiq and Kotaku, despite all the negative forecasts by analysts, despite constant fanboy rancor: the majority of gamers still believe that having Blu-ray is worth the extra cash.

I think Joystiq said it best with this post from June 15th in reference to MaxPS3's Blu-ray poll:

"...It's just that those numbers kind of seems at odds with the zeitgeist..."

They simply couldn't fathom that the majority of people disagreed with them. PS3 Fanboy's poll shows similar distribution to MaxPS3's poll even with a third option and more votes. You detractors are extremely vocal (and thoroughly resolute) with your opinions, but the bottom line is: there's just not that many of you.

@1. I'd really like to know about this "much MUCH more!" that you claim Microsoft has accomplished. May I remind everyone that the PS2 has sold -double- the units the 360 has since November '05. While Nintendo is a proven brand in console gaming, Microsoft hasn't led a single generation (compared to Sony's two by your own count). What exactly does Microsoft have going for them that makes you think they can teach Sony anything?

Posted at 1:10PM on Jul 5th 2006 by Cal 0 stars

6. i agree with cal and steven.

Posted at 1:20PM on Jul 5th 2006 by andrew 0 stars

7. overwhelming majority? since when is 52% an overwhelming majority? if this were an election that would be considered razor thin. now scale that down into a select audience of only 1500 votes, 52% is within the margin of error. (you are saying 52% is overwhemlming because the next highest is 32%, in reality it is 48% because that is the number that doesnt think blu-ray should be standard)

If sony wants to win based on the blu-ray horse they need polls like this (of the core fans) to be reading 70 or 80%. It is bad when we in the community dont even agree that this is a good thing

Posted at 2:16PM on Jul 5th 2006 by Paul 1 star

8. Paul,

PS3fanboy doesn't just host "core fans", but it also hosts a good bunch, if not more than, core fans of the "opposition". You've seen them troll all the time, so I'd say 52% is more than enough.

Posted at 3:24PM on Jul 5th 2006 by boots 2 stars

9. Very true, so lets say that 200 of that 231 is trolls (just shy of 15%- probably a fair number)

so that leaves a total of 1210 votes

733 for (60%)

477 not for (40%)

that really still isnt a very high number, and i think you would be hard pressed to say that more than that 15% are trolls.

i am not confident it was the right decision- mainly because knowing the way my ps2 is made it will be slopily implimented and in this case, unnecessary

Posted at 3:53PM on Jul 5th 2006 by Paul 1 star

10. @Paul
"since when is 52% an overwhelming majority?"

Since statistical analysis was invented. The formula is very simple if any single poll result (a) is great than (>) the sum of the remaining categories (b+c) that constitutes and overwhelming majority. This is why conservatives claim that Ross Perot lost President HW Bush re-election in 1992. Because the sum of votes for both candidates was greater than the sum of votes received by President Clinton (who did not win by an "overwhelming majority" as a result).

And really, you can't claim (with any certainty) that everyone in the "optional" category automatically gets lumped in with the "don't want it crowd". If the choices are reduced to "Blu-ray, yes or no?" then some of those "maybe" people go to the "yes" category too.

How many people you ask? Well for that we'll use another statistical analysis tool called "diverse data sets" where we look at similar polls to see if the distribution curve is similar. Lo and behold, according to MaxPS3's poll numbers an even greater majority think Blu-ray should be included (and well outside the margin of error). The point is: I'm basing my assertion on more than my own opinion.

But seriously,
"i am not confident it was the right decision- mainly because knowing the way my ps2 is made it will be sloppily implemented and in this case, unnecessary"

That's fine, you've formed an opinion based on your own knowledge and experience. Your view is no more or less valid than mine or anyone else's. I would simply point out that I believe the casual gamer and the general public are always the deciding factor in something like this. As important as we core fans think we are, we don't have the numbers of the public at large.

I think that you're going to be hard pressed to find a casual gamer who doesn't look at the PS3 and say, "this will play all my PS2 games, the next gen Sony games, and HD movie content for nearly half of what a Blu Ray player (and almost the same as an HD-DVD player) costs? Sign me up.

Whether its poorly implemented or not, the ability to play DVD's sold PS2's, and I don't think Sony is unwise for sticking to what works. Fanboys can debate over Blu-ray, but Sony is trying to court the masses. And well they should: mass acceptance of the PS2 is why they're still #1. Pleasing the core audience at the cost of casual gamers doesn't win you the race (just ask Microsoft).

Posted at 8:52PM on Jul 5th 2006 by Cal 0 stars

11. @Cal
" 'since when is 52% an overwhelming majority?' Since statistical analysis was invented. "
Yes, and thank you for completely disregarding what he said right after that (pointing out that it's 52% of fanboys and maybe a few trolls) so as to prove your own flawed point.

"Your view is no more or less valid than mine or anyone else's."
Actually, Paul's view IS more valid than yours, as it is based on facts and your are not.

"I think that you're going to be hard pressed to find a casual gamer who doesn't look at the PS3 and say (...) Sign me up!"
Ha! Hard pressed? I have a PS2 and I'm not exactly clamouring for another console on which to play them. Nor are the four PS2 owners I've asked about PS3.

Posted at 11:30PM on Jul 5th 2006 by Tom 0 stars

12. way to rhyme.... =D

Posted at 11:39PM on Jul 5th 2006 by liz 0 stars

13. People keep acting as if Blu-Ray is just another proprietary Sony format. People need to realize that There are a large number or corperations in the Blu-ray disc association, and sony is simply one of them. It stands to benefit the most from it due to it being developed primarily under their roof.
Fanboys think that every Sony format has failed, which simply isnt true. Sony with Phillips created the CDROM, need I say more. Last time I checked, those things are still on shelves.
Since the PS2 was my first DVD player (thats true for alot of people), It was a nice perk over Dreamcast that you could play new movies on it right out of the box with no added cost. It wasnt the most fully featured, but it did the job of playing movies, which is the point in the first place. The PS3 may be more competent with Movie playback (thanks to firmware updates) than the PS2 could ever hope to be. I am buying a PS3 for games, but being able to play Blu-Ray movies on my recently purchased HDTV, it definitely adds value.

Posted at 4:09AM on Jul 6th 2006 by bobeotm 1 star


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