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The price ceiling for PS3 games is under construction

Nothing in life is free and if 'Fun' had a price, then recent videogames are out to bankrupt you. I mean what with the cheaper medium of CDs and all, who can blame them for charging upwards of 60 bucks for a single game? Okay, sarcasm aside, there's probably a small army of people out there who are ready to hear something official about the pricing of the PlayStation 3's titles.

Our favorite talking bobble head Kaz Hirai is at the presses again spreading the gospel. This time he's finally said something about the game pricing of the next-gen console. "I think it would be a bit of a stretch to think that we could suddenly turn around and say 'PS3 games now $99.99,'" he said to PSM. "So, if it becomes a bit higher than fifty-nine bucks don't ding me, but, again, as I said, I don't expect it to be a hundred bucks."

So it's a "stretch", but we shouldn't expect a three-figure price point for those nifty new Blu-ray games... yet. Actually when you get down to it, what he's saying is that the titles won't be less than $59 or more than $100, while keeping their distance from the latter. They've got such an uphill battle with just the price of the console that I really don't think Sony would have the cojones to push the games to, say, $69.99 or more. Then again, Sony likes to surprise us. But seriously, how much are YOU willing to pay for next-gen games?

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1. Yeah, saying the price sealing is $100, doesn't exactly put my worries at ease.... Personally Bluray has cost an extra $100 on the drive in the PS3, and if it cause the games to be around $80...I don't think I'll get a PS3.

Or I can be pathetic, and buy the system and games like 3 years after launch....but that would just suck..:P

Posted at 1:17PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Kid Muscle 0 stars

2. Http:// - I mentioned about this too. I think that they will probably try to keep the prices of software down. But I also expect them to higher than the prices of the 360 because this is on new media with higher storage capacity. Also, they could, possibly, use that excuse to their advantage. That you're paying for more content (I, of course, don't know whether that will be the case. But I hope for their sakes it's true). I'd be very happy if the prices match that of the 360!

The Playstation 3 now with Giant Enemy Pricetags! :p

Posted at 1:20PM on Jun 28th 2006 by smellslikepie 0 stars

3. Think about it...BluRay Discs cost more than DVD's (how much more, I honestly don't know). So if Sony sold games for $59.99, who in the supply chain would take a cut in their profit margins? The publisher? No, that would piss them off and they would turn to the Wii and the 360. The retailer? Heck no. The PS3, 360 and the Wii will be fighting for every inch of shelf space. Never piss off the retailer. Then will Sony take the hit to their profit margins? They are already losing, what, $300 per PS3 sold? They want to make every dollar they can with software.

Conclusion? Sony will jack up prices and charge, at a minimum, $69.99 for games.

The PS3 story keeps getting sadder and sadder for fanboys.

Posted at 1:36PM on Jun 28th 2006 by PJ 0 stars

4. So, according to PJ(the ps3 price expert) games are going to be more than 69.99.

Posted at 1:50PM on Jun 28th 2006 by AG 0 stars

5. $70 for games is a bit much as a standard. Granted, I didn't think that when I bought Strider for the Genesis, but there was nothing else that compared to that game at that time... so it was kinda worth it. Hell, $60 is too much.

However, I think with certain games the price could be fair. If someone put a lot of time and resources into a game, and that game was top notch all the way, I could see it. I was surprised GTA: SA was only $50 when it came out due to the size.

But some stuff just doesn't deserve an inflated price tag. The problem is, if $60 or $70 becomes the standard for their games, every pile of crap that comes out will be priced at that point.

Inflating the price of games above the price of the 360's games will hurt Sony... again. The $600 price tag is already going to hurt a little, but more expensive games on top of that could limit it's appeal considerably.

Posted at 2:06PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Shogan 0 stars

6. Well im a Sony Fanboy but if they dare to price the games more than 59 bucks that`s it for me im not gonna buy a PS3.

No way¡ im not willing to spend more than 59 bucks in a game.

Lets see what happen.

Posted at 2:09PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Night Elve 1 star

7. 69.99 tops

but then I think game should be priced according to the production cost, not standard pricing like right now: all games = 50!!! Remember Red Ninja?? one of the worst games cost 50 bucks!!!! why should low fudgeing budget games cost the same as games like Final fantast or war craft????????

Iwata is DAMN right

Posted at 2:34PM on Jun 28th 2006 by OyoyoY123 -1 stars

8. 59.99 tops. if games are more then that i won't buy a ps3.

Posted at 6:32PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Terminal 0 stars

9. I agree with night elve that is just to much total
system with protection plan= almost $700
extra controller=50
2-3 games=300$

i could buy a wii for the price of 3 games at that price point

Posted at 7:43PM on Jun 28th 2006 by soon 2 b x ps3fanboy 0 stars

10. I really think pricing your software above the competition is beyond dumb -- I don't think they'll do it. GTA IV comes out on 360 and PS3, you own both systems. Which version are you gonna buy? The $59.99 one or the $65-$99 one? This is a no brainer, folks.

Posted at 8:14PM on Jun 28th 2006 by ANONYMOUS_ANONYMOUS 0 stars

11. You all Sony-Haters, I'll Buy PS3 games at 99.99, even if they are multi platform, cause MY games will be future proof, ya know, Blu Ray, future proof, I own you yaaa, hey ? where everybody goes ?


Posted at 7:28AM on Jun 29th 2006 by Mee 0 stars

12. Honestly I think Sony could have gotten away with higher prices had they been the first out the door and set the bar. But... they missed the 'next gen' hype and now the execs are probably sitting in their conference room thinking "oh %#@&, how are we going to make a profit on this." I bet they are kicking themselves for including the bluray in this system.

Posted at 10:57AM on Jun 29th 2006 by Frosty22 0 stars

13. I think the prices might just vary. I mean, if the game is multiplatform, I don't think they'll shoot themselves in the foot by pricing it above the 360. So, for those games we should get a 60 price point. If its a long-awaited PS3 exclusive like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Gran Tourismo, then they might just milk the title for 80-90. That's just my opinion of course.

The problem with this, however, is that it'll be a strong disincentive for multiplatform developers to make games for the ps3. I mean, the Cell is hard to develop for already, and they'll be able to sell it for less.

Posted at 1:26PM on Jun 29th 2006 by Laylalore 0 stars

14. I don't really see how you guys can moan about this. Ohh, its too expensive.

Here in the UK we pay £39.99 or £44.99 (Real money) for next gen titles, always have.

Change that into $ and you get $74 and $83 which is the kind of prices your bitching about.

They won't try the $ - £ swap with those kind of prices, if they want them to sell, but I'll just import from the USA as everything is so cheap.

Posted at 12:52PM on Jun 30th 2006 by 3x3cut10n3r 0 stars

15. Games have been the same price for years, despite increases in the cost of living, and in development for games. Seeing the price go up now would not be surprising. Seeing it stay, could hurt developers. Sure, we didn't want to see it when 360 came out, but by 2007 the norm will probably be $59 just like the norm now is $49... Some next gen will be 45-55, and a few will be 65, just like now, some are $55, and some come out at $39. Remember ten years ago when everything was cheaper? Video games cost the same, then. Remember that time when Ultima V for the Commodore 64 was $69? That's an 8-bit game!

Posted at 5:35PM on Jun 30th 2006 by bob 0 stars

16. I don't mind paying up to $65, but it would certainly be foolish for Sony to price multi-platform games as higher on ps3. Even if they include extras, hardly anyone's going to buy into that.

Posted at 5:39PM on Jun 30th 2006 by bob 0 stars

17. I feel bad for all of you sony fanboys. I was just like you. Scooping up San Andreas, Metal Gear, and GT as soon as they released, cuz I could...I HAD a ps2.Actually it was my 3rd ps2. They always got "disc read error"titus. I decided to buy an xbox instead of the planned obsolecence that is ps2. After becoming addicted to xboxlive I was I couldnt go back. I now have a 360 and everything I have read makes me believe that xbox developement will be very strong(have you seen Gears of War, GRAW, Halo3,Lost Planet,Mass Effect jsut to name a few) and ps3 exclusives will be few and far between. Cross over now and save that heart-ache the ps3 will cause all of you.

Posted at 10:37AM on Jul 1st 2006 by 360 Saves Me!!! 0 stars

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