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Best Buy puts up Final Fantasy VII listing

At the ripe price of 60 bucks, Final Fantasy VII for PS3 is showing up on Best Buy's website. Oh but wait, there's more. It even goes as far to list December 1st as being release date, obviously for here in the States. With everyone and their grandmother talking about a next-gen remake, this puts a bit more substance to the discussion (albeit only a little).

Now who wants to start taking bids on how long it takes for Square Enix to get this removed?

[Via Gaming Horizon]

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1. They can't do that! If they release it this year, then I may have to actually "ninja" people to get a PS3 this year. I was just going to hang out until FFXIII...but FF7 in non-blocky-and-distorted graphical format would be so kick-ass.

I need to get a DS Lite, Wii, and now maybe a PS3 this year? I'm totally light-walleted this year after games.

I doubt it is true though. Square probably would have had something to show at E306 if this was to happen this soon. They already have to sell several FF7 sequels and FFXII outside of Japan at the end of the year.

Posted at 5:34PM on Jun 14th 2006 by SuicideNinja

2. If FF7 was released I would strongly consider getting a PS3 (although with a family it would be hard to justify the price to the wife). Hands down the best of the franchise.

Posted at 6:24PM on Jun 14th 2006 by Cage

3. Waaaaaa? They serious, I dont think its gonna be that easy to do the FFVII remake in such short time, I hope this is actually true but I highly doubt it. Why does best buy keep doin this, didnt' they did something similar with Twilight Princess?

Posted at 11:14PM on Jun 14th 2006 by Erick

4. Cage, have you never played FF6. It's close but slightly better. And if you count Chrono Trigger they are both blown out of the water.

Posted at 11:48PM on Jun 14th 2006 by Brian

5. Release date as December 1, 2006, and obviously as the retailer is Best Buy we're looking at a North American date. So how long until Best Buy removes the listing or Square Enix issues a statement?

Posted at 5:33AM on Jun 15th 2006 by Pit

6. That's a bit crazy, considering that I remember reading somewhere that the remake of Final Fantasy VII wasn't going to be released until next year, at the earliest. After all, they've still got to release Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core and Before Crisis, along with FF12 here in the US.
Wonder how long it'll take Square Enix to get on their case about that...

Posted at 11:44PM on Jun 15th 2006 by Syrie


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