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Sony: We want PS3 to be like the ipod

Ken Kutaragi recently held a very long interview with Japanese web site PC Impress Watch where he spoke about the PS3's current presence and that for Sony, their goal is to have their next-generation console have the kind of market pull that the Apple brand does.

"Steve Jobs could slap an Apple logo on the PS3 and sell them for $2,000 each. We couldn't do that. That's the difference between the PlayStation brand and a computer brand, like Apple."

Kutaragi emphasized that he wished to make the term "PS3" synonymous with "entertainment computer." The company's goals seem to be in establishing an electronics "ecosystem" in the consumer's household, where the name Sony means enjoyment. However, where Apple has achieved this through stylish, trendy gadgets at affordable pricing, will this goal be achievable for Sony given the hefty price tag of the unit?

[Via Gamespot]

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1. Apple gadgets, affordable pricing? If an 30 GB iPod costs $300, and a PS3 costs $600, I don't see how a PS3 is considered expensive. As a matter of fact, all of these comments about how the PS3 is too expensive are foolish. $600 is less than almost all desktop computers. What they are saying about the PS3 being a "entertainment computer" is technically true. I mean, if it wasn't, what would it be?

Posted at 4:34PM on Jun 12th 2006 by Thomas H

2. Um, an overpriced Video Game console...
you can't even compare the iPod to the PS3, Not only in functionality but also in looks and style, it's just nowhere near an apple product... now the new DS! Wooooooo WEEEEEEEEE! There's Apple style written all over that!

But seriously the PS3 is priced like a Neo Geo! The games look GREAT but not THAT great. If I spent as much time playing games as I used to when I was 8 It'd be worth the price but then I wouldn't be able to afford it if I was 8 :(

PS3 has a paradox on their hands, those old enough to buy a PS3 won't because they have other things to do... Video Games now are leisure time, interrupted by things like girlfriends/wives and children and jobs. And those that have the time to play it like a $699 machine deserves to be played, can't afford one.

Posted at 5:30PM on Jun 12th 2006 by Elric

3. I hate iPods, but they are sure considered stylish. The PS3 on the other hand, isn't in my opinion. However, it isn't something that you carry around with you, which would make it's looks a bit more acceptable. you can hide it in an entertainment center.

The price of iPods is also ridiculous when you can get cheaper devices that do the same thing. Or even similarly priced devices with more features. Personally, I think iPods are more of a fashion-conscious thing. They make you "cool" I guess.

I also think the "computer" tag ruins the PS3 more than it helps. Computer & console should be separate. A gaming console will never do home computing as well as a dedicated PC if its focus is truly games.

I think a lot of people just want to the play the games. They couldn't care less about the Bluray or the Linux. It sounds good on paper, but in practice it holds little value.

Sony should bar Kutaragi, Harrison, and Hirai from saying anything else. The European reps have the best attitude.

Posted at 5:51PM on Jun 12th 2006 by SuicideNinja

4. you will never be able to sell a consol for 2000, no one could do that. certainly not apple. i can buy a dell with a flat screen moniter and a printer for 300 bucks, wtf is this guy smoking thinking that someone will pay twice that for something not nearly as useful. ps3 is going to flop because its too expensive. consol should be 300 at most.

Posted at 6:37PM on Jun 12th 2006 by doglet

5. you guys are idiots, the term "entertainment computer" is about the stupidest thing i have ever heard. my real computer is an "entertainment computer" AND runs word! the consol will have better graphics for the first 6 months its out but after that i would actually prefer to have a mouse and keyboard not to mention over 60 fps. oh and did i mention that i have to buy a computer weither or not i buy a ps3? people need spread sheets, microsoft word, email. a consol is a consol and a computer is a computer.

Posted at 6:41PM on Jun 12th 2006 by doglet

6. from my point of view, ps3 is just not going to work. the only game i am interested is gran turismo (i dont think that any of the other games look worth while with no mouse and keyboard) and for that to be worth wile you need to drop about 200 bucks on a wheel and pedals. so thats an initial investment of 5-600 bucks +50 or more for the game +200 bucks for the good wheel. so we are talking about at least 700 bucks, probably more like 800. even if i did have that kind of money to spend i would get a new computer instead.

people will always need a pc but we dont NEED a ps3. the kind of people with 800 bucks to drop on videogames are generally responsible enough not to spend that kind of money on a video game.

Posted at 6:52PM on Jun 12th 2006 by naggs

7. do you think that a "entertainment computer" needs to have full MS Office? no way, does a Media Center allow you to edit MSWord docs? no, or Excel spreadsheets, no.

while a movie is playing. pause. lets edit a excel spreadsheet, back to movie

Posted at 7:23PM on Jun 12th 2006 by someone who knows

8. I think one of the main reasons they like the term "entertainment computer" is the the PS3 is capable of doing all the multimedia entertainment functions of a PC, while putting it all where you want it the most, in the livingroom. Photo Slideshows, music, movies, gaming, online communities, videochat, and so on. For a gaming console, it's expensive, but they left out features on the cheaper model, with not limitations to its gaming abilities, an people get upset!?

You give them something with a ton of features, and they complain about the price. Yet when you give them a more affordable option with some of the more extraneous features removed, and people compain about it being crippled.

Those who complain that they want a gaming machine only, for some reason complain about the core version of the PS3, even though its more feature packed than the premium XBOX360. I guess its just fashionable to hate sony nowadays, and the sony execs arent helping much.

Posted at 8:22PM on Jun 12th 2006 by bobeotm

9. a 360 premium package is 400, a ps3 bare bones is 500. IMO the bare bones PS3 really should have dropped Blu Ray, games should stay on normal DVD's, at least this generation. We dont need that space yet, swapping disks? You can afford 10 seconds to get off the couch and change it. Blu Ray games only drive up costs which get passed on to the consumers and allow programmers to be lazier with their coding. I have yet to see a definitive argument that games need Blu Ray right now. If you have one that i havent touched upon, bring it on.

Posted at 10:36PM on Jun 12th 2006 by Nik

10. What makes a computer a computer isn't its ability to run Word, or that it has Linux installed, or that you can put it in your living room and do all that online multimedia crap. No, it's not any of those things. It's ALL of those things, and much more. A computer is about freedom. Can I hook up a printer to a PS3? No, but that's not the focus. Can I edit and burn home videos onto DVD? No, but that's not the focus. Can I install Apache, PHP, and MySQL and host a Suh-weet PS3 blog? No, but that's not the focus. So what is the focus of the PS3? If we say the focus is gaming AND we say this device is a computer, should we not then be able to install Windows XP on it and see how good Oblivion looks running in 1080p, an experience not offered by the Xbox360 version of the game? No, of course not; that would be a ridiculous thing to ask of a game console, which is what the PS3 is: a CONSOLE.

Posted at 10:55PM on Jun 12th 2006 by Tom

11. LOL I love how much everyone hates Sony these days....Anyway, yeah they are calling it an "Entertainment Computer" So what! Nintendo called thier systems: "Entertainment Systems" and all it did was play games... Do you expect companys to use obvious titles like: "The Sony: You can play games on this machine!" :P

Posted at 11:19PM on Jun 12th 2006 by James

12. sheesh. harrison is european. welsh wasent it?
ps3 does not cost $699. |:-/. get it right.
ipod: $300
ps3: $500
not that bad actually.
from what iv heard you can infact hook your ps3 up to a printer...
from what iv heard you can upgrade your ps3 for non gaming uses...
from what iv heard you can put any data editing program you can get to run on linux, on ps3... including word editors!

yea its a computer all right.

Posted at 12:02AM on Jun 13th 2006 by matjet

13. What do all you people think a console is if not a computer, a plastic box of magic?
Remember the original name of the NES in Japan - the Famicom: Family Computer.

Posted at 12:45AM on Jun 13th 2006 by Brian

14. mat jet you are comparing the highest priced Ipod against the lowest price PS3... more like

Ipod- 99
PS3- 500


It is all about percieved affordablity. When apple entered the mp3 marketplace it was a new market, they made people believe two things
1) Ipods were cheap for mp3 players- (a lie but effectively told, it sold to the masses)
2) you must have an iPod brand mp3 player to be cool, other players just arnt cool.

If sony wants the Ps3 to be the ipod of the gaming market they have a longgggg way to go (1- two cheaper systems/ 2- not much of a cool factor for general public with video game machines). But instead they want the Ps3 to be the ipod of the next gen DVD market! This is where EVERYONE keeps missing. Again, they are not selling us a game machine that plays blu-ray. They are selling blu-rays that play games.

An interesting sony announcement went ignored the other day. They are pushing back their standard blu-ray players until late august. Why? 1) they are not ready 2) it will drive PS3 sales. People are going to wait two months to get a Ps3 for 600 instead of dropping 1000 on a blu-ray player. It will drive Ps3 sales and will look like they are winning the console war, when in reality, they are being bought by non-gamers and have nothing to do with the console war.

The Ps3 is the most advanced console of this generation (360 fan boys- power wise they are equal, but since this does have a next gen DVD it is more advanced out of the box) but I would not be suprised if it is Sony's last console for that reason. Since the majority purchasing will not be game players, they will lose tons of money (because people will not be buying as many games per unit sold- as we all know games are their true revenue stream)and will not see the point of building another machine at a loss like is necessary with consoles.

Welcome to the end of the sony era, no one's fault but their own ineffectual marketing and poor strategic planning.

Posted at 8:17AM on Jun 13th 2006 by Paul

15. "...PS3 is capable of doing all the multimedia entertainment functions of a PC, while putting it all where you want it the most, in the livingroom. Photo Slideshows, music, movies, gaming, online communities, videochat, and so on."

There's not a thing in this list that the 360 can't do and/or doesn't currently do. The exception being the camera peripheral that hasn't been released yet. That said, the entire PS3 console doesn't exist at this time let alone a camera.

When the right "knock your socks off" title comes along for the PS3, I may bite, but right now there's nothing in the launch line-up or upcoming platform exclusives that will have me pony up for the console. Platform exclusives are important, because I already own a 360. Multi-platform 360 and PS3 games will look the same for all practial purposes.

My eyes are wide open and ready for something to "WOW" me -- that's why I visit PS3 fanboy regularly.

Back to topic, I don't understand Ken's comments about brand. The Playstation brand is extremely powerful. Frankly, it's the only reason why we care about the PS3. If the new XBOX was $600, it would be DOA. If the PS3 was created by some other company, they would have been laughed off stage with investors demanding their money. Sony has an extremely powerful brand. This console will test the brand's integrity.

Posted at 10:11AM on Jun 13th 2006 by xbox360dsPSP

16. "from what iv heard you can infact hook your ps3 up to a printer...
from what iv heard you can upgrade your ps3 for non gaming uses...
from what iv heard you can put any data editing program you can get to run on linux, on ps3... including word editors!"

You could do this with the PS2 as well. And it sucked. Using PS2 Linux would be the equivalent to sawing off your hand slowly with a butter knife.

If you want to hook up a printer and use postscript drivers, be my guest. If you are used to using Microsoft Office (which is bad enough), OpenOffice is going to drive you insane. Get even more frustrated and try StarOffice. That's assuming someone even make builds that are compatible with the cell. It will probably be a bit before any non-Sony-provided cell-compiled programs show up.

I can't wait for the "Sony package installer". I'm guessing the command line will be:

#SonyOwnsYourMonkey /a /ss /rootkit=yes [name of software]

=) Sorry, had to do it.

Upgrade your PS3? Do you really think Sony wants you messing with anything inside of that box other than the hard drive? Even then, you'll probably need a proprietary HDD just like the 360. The "upgraded" PS3's, should they ever come to fruition per Ken's psychotic fantasies, would be completely separate PS3's that you'd have to buy.

Headline to Sony:

"Gamers Want the PS3 to be Like a Games Machine"

How about some info on some fresh franchises? We've already established that gamers have relinquished Sony's right to speak.

Posted at 12:25PM on Jun 13th 2006 by SuicideNinja

17. +1 billionzillionmillionkajillion

Suicide Ninja FTW

Posted at 12:32PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Paul

18. "Steve Jobs could slap an Apple logo on the PS3 and sell them for $2,000 each. We couldn't do that. That's the difference between the PlayStation brand and a computer brand, like Apple." -Ken Kutaragi

Translation: "What we'd really like to do is slap the Sony/PS3 label on a big, nasty, brownish turd and sell it to you for $2000 and you be happy about that, because I really have nothing but contempt for you all."

Posted at 1:44PM on Jun 13th 2006 by Vader582

19. I think the ps3 isn't a bad machine. I think it is to far ahead of it's time like neo geo and to expensive. I see it as a console as I'm sure a large group of most gamers do. I think Sony should quit thinking of it as a computer and advertise it as what people really think it is a console. However with that being said I'm going with the Wii this round. Reason being at least Nintendo is tring to make gameing something new and fresh. I've already seen fancy graphics they don't wow me enough anymore I want as close to virtual reality as I can get. I see the Wii with it's motion control closer then 360 or ps3 in that area. Let's start feeling the games I mean the pad way of playing games is old fashioned now if you ask me. Give me a new way to play.

Posted at 4:37PM on Jun 13th 2006 by john

20. You know why Apple can get away with it? Because they don't do crap like install rootkits that destroy your computer or force weird proprietary formats down your throat. Screw you, Sony. Hopefully this will be the final nail in your long overdue coffin.

Posted at 11:39PM on Jun 13th 2006 by shu

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