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The embarrassing Sony press conference

This has been floating around the internet for a bit, but it still deserves an honorable mention here. Some talented individuals decided to edit the Sony keynote address during E3, and the resulting video is definitely worth a chuckle (regardless if you're a PS3 Fanboy or not). Some of you aren't going to agree with the closing comments (while others might), but just click the above video to check it out.

"It's Ridge Racer!"

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1. The "based on historic battles...HERE'S A GIANT CRAB!" is just killer. So is the real-time weapon change.

Posted at 1:43PM on May 25th 2006 by SuicideNinja

2. Despite the fact that it's a fanboy propoganda video, it is still indeed chuckle worthy. While I disagree with sony's childish and poorly thought out ad campaigns, and the fact that the Sony PS3 heads and representatives are getting more and more arrogant (I thought the Japanese and bald white guys were a humble people), the PS3 is still the only system coming out that has any games that I wish to buy (when they are finally released that is, I.E., I'm not Buying a PS3 as soon as it comes out).

Posted at 2:31PM on May 25th 2006 by KiwiLord

3. Hilarious!!! I laugh everytime I see it!
The guy in the ad at the very end is the kind of idiot I see as a total Sony fanboi...very nice way to represent yourself $ony.
I was going to get a P$3 after the first revisions were complete but with the news of them trying to stop reselling and even rentals of games...well...if that info is true...$ony you can keep your P$3...I'd prefer it if they'd just tell us (their customers) to "F*CK OFF!" At least then we'd know what they were REALLY thinking.

Posted at 4:21PM on May 25th 2006 by Vader582

4. Excellent video, crappy propaganda at the end. I hae a 360, and there is nothing new or cool about it. it's just a console. The ONLY innovation this generation is the Wiimote. I'm buying a PS3 and a Wii, and I'll probably sell my 360.*. Spread the better news.

*not an actual site, just some cool fanboyism

Posted at 4:38PM on May 25th 2006 by DinnyHoon

5. to vader:

no... that news is not true. it was plastered on digg by some idiot as "truth" even though the story itself said basically "friend of a friend heard from x that..."

sony has already come out and denied those rumors pretty plainly.

Posted at 5:29PM on May 25th 2006 by Microdot

6. REAL TIME weapon switching? That's was the funniest "feature" I ever heard in my life.

Feature? come on! What an action game is suppose to do? Turn based weapon switching???? LOLLLLLL!!

Posted at 7:05PM on May 25th 2006 by Methodic

7. Yeah this is the funniest ''Fanboy'' video i've ever seen, I laugh everytime I see it, whoever made it, I salute you.
Theres so many funny things in it, when the dude says ''Very innovative'' about the PS3 controller and ''Real time weapon change'' and the weapon just sparkles and the other weapon just appears, LOL.

Posted at 7:56PM on May 25th 2006 by Catastrophic

8. 'Very Innovative Controller' is the best joke ever, I mean, its basically just the ps2 controller with the motion tilting that microsoft did 8 years ago, yes indeed, very innovative. great laugh out of that vid though, strange that ps3 fanboy posted it though, worst e3 conference of all time and all.

Posted at 8:02PM on May 25th 2006 by Automatic Machine Gun

Lol I don't really like the PS3 that much after this press conference. I am excitied about getting ps1 games on my PSPS. And Nahh 360 aint much better, just an xbox with better graphics WOop Dee DOo. U can say im a nintendo fanboy, But im sorry super smash bros owns every game there is. Right now i have a ps2 with about 20 games and a gamecube with just super smash (traded my cell phone for it lmao) and i paly the cube now.

Posted at 10:28PM on May 25th 2006 by lmao6

10. I can't deny that that video is hilarious, but I'm still planning on getting a PS3. The reasons are simple:

I will not get an XBox 360 out of dislike of some of Microsoft's other products. note: I know of "rootkit-gate" and all that, and I don't particularly care since I would never buy DRMed music in any form. Plus, I have never actually bought a music CD in my life.

I will not get a Wii because it has only two series that are "only for Nintendo": Zelda and Metroid. Those series are the only reason I am even considering it, BUT the level of respect that they afford the segment of their gaming audience older than 10 borders on outright hostility. So, since I am also not looking forward to anything else on the system, I will wait and decide a few months after.

The PS3 seems to have at least "not bad" games, with even some good-looking ones (ie, Resistance). It has built-in WiFi, which is amust for me, since I've used WiFi exclusively to connect to the net for years. It has a Blu-Ray Drive, which even if I won't use it for movies a whole lot, I will definitely use it for data storage when I get a computer with a BD-R drive. It will also of course allow more stuff to be stored on the discs for the games, so more textures, audio tracks (ie Japanese audio), etc. Lastly, according to all Sony has said, it will run Linux, so hordes of Hax0rz jobs will be made that much easier, to make stuff like a descent movie viewer, dvd ripper, video transcoder (ie, videos for psp), bittorrent client, etc. etc.

The most important thing is though, is that I don't really care about the price since I have started working in a well-paying internship, already have plenty of money saved up, and will have plenty of money for games.

Posted at 2:17AM on May 26th 2006 by Maksym

11. lol...yeah the Rino Cut SHot was Hilarious!

Posted at 3:13AM on May 26th 2006 by PS3Fan

12. Sony has certainly gotten a bad rep in an amazingly short time when even a PS3 fan site is laughing at them and heckling the power of the PS3. The lacklustre E3 showing plus the far greater excitement the Wii seems to generate could mean that Sony is going to take a pretty bad beating in the nextgen console war. If you want a console for family gaming, get the Wii. If you want a powerful next gen console for more adult games, get the 360. If you want a Blu-Ray drive, get the PS3.

Posted at 5:08AM on May 26th 2006 by ymmv

13. The only good PS3 related thing was MGS4

Posted at 7:15AM on May 26th 2006 by Timon

14. PS3 totally bombed at this years E3...Sony has so much egg on their face from last years E3...that they actually had to show real game footage this time. Unfortunately what they have that's tangible is total crap. It's funny how MGS4 got a best E3 Trailer!!! What a joke. The Trailer was not actual gameplay and thus we have no Idea what the game will actually look like when it launches.

Gran Turismo HD was also a joke! Same game only higher res. And they didn't even show online play for Gran Turismo which was promised years ago.

And Sony didn't show any plans for their supposed free Online network! It may be free...but what everyone wants to know do their online plans compare to the excellent Xbox Live service and it's value? But no answers from Sony there.

Sony won't have any AAA titles available at launch. Most of their games will be EA games which 360 already has or will have (Fight Night, Madden etc.)

The 360 has some amazing new games that will be out this fall such as Gears of War (Won many Best of E3 awards), Mass Effect, BioShock.

Sony also did not mention anything about any features to compete with the 360's Media Center Extender functionality or if the PS3 will be compatible with all MP3 players, Ipod and all digital Cameras like the 360 is. I think that's why sony had to add a Memory Card reader...cause it's not going to be compatible with just plugging in a camera or MP3 player into it like the 360 is capable of doing.

Also it is speculated that Load times from Blu-Ray is slow which is why Sony had to include an HD drive as standard to act as a buffer to decrease long load times from Blu-Ray drive.

The controller is not going to have rumble!!! What the crap. How backwards is that!

Why the hell would anyone shell out this much money for a product that is proving to be so half ass compared to its competitors.

Posted at 10:53AM on May 26th 2006 by jon

15. the ps3 has amazing graphics and will probably have some very good games. Although it looks as if that's not enough to make me sell my 360 and all my games and maybe my digital camera so that I'll be able to buy the base version of the PS3. I knew this was coming, so I was wise buying the 360. The only thing I'll be able to afford in the near future is maybe a Nintendo Wii, unfortunately that hasn't made any impact on me though.
In terms of gaming, it'll be Xbox 360 and my bro's DS and maybe my mobile phone!
Sorry Sony!

Posted at 3:15PM on May 26th 2006 by Ciaran Gallagher

16. Jon, the msg 4 trailer was real-time no one is going to argue that and it is a pretty good indication of how the game would look.

Your right about GT... I wanted info on part 5.

Thier online service will be left up to customers to decide... what do you want them to say? What can they say without people calling them liars/satan/Hype despots?

How many launches in history were AAA titles? What is a AAA title? When did gamers start referring to games/consoles with marketing terms?... unless........

And how many games announced were also announced to be released for the ps3?

Lord knows features make a console.....

Really now? And how many devs started to use Blu ray for thier PS3 games? I was under the impression that most were still using regular dvd's.

rumble was nice.... I wont die without it.

It has yet to be seen the real power of the PS3.. why not wait until a game is "completed" using the "final" dev kit before jumping to such conclusions.

Posted at 3:32PM on May 26th 2006 by staticneuron

17. i rekin, exept for the bit at the very end, sony could just use a higher quality version of this as their ads.

the funniest thing of all for me though is thinking what phil and ken are thinking as they watch it.

out of a viaro laptop computer."whoops".(when he drops notes)
phil in front of computer: "oppsy daisy".
out of a viaro laptop computer."based off historic battles. look heres a giant crab."
phil in front of computer: "dulp".
out of a viaro laptop computer."its riddge racer!".
phil in front of computer: slinks off to hise from the other employees in room.

what ken would say and do though, i dont know.

Posted at 10:02PM on May 26th 2006 by matjet

18. I wrote something earlier about how PS3 fanboy should be a sanctuary for PS3 fanboys and how silly nitpick videos should be saved for the other fanboy sites, but the doorbell went.
Twelve hours of drinking later I've had to rewrite it, but I still think this wasn't appropriate for PS3 fanboy.

Posted at 10:41PM on May 26th 2006 by Vince

19. Very wise of you to post this video, 'PS3Fanboy' bloggers, are you trying to make the impression that you like it too and are not bothered by it? Well, how about this, I was on the verge of buying a PS3, as I loved the PS1 and had an Xbox, cube and PS2. But now this video made me realise that the Xbox 360 is the way to go. The only games i'd get the PS3 for was MGS4 (Looks really good) and Assassins Creed, (which may be on PC and 360 too), so far, I like the look of the Xbox 360's line up much better. So yeah, in one stroke of your hands, you convinced me not to give you around $4000, for the PS3 and games, good job!
I shall be buying a 360 and Wii.

Posted at 3:24PM on May 27th 2006 by Vlad

20. Let me tell you something - NOT FUNNY.

I'm part Japanese.

Back in high school I did a very extensive genealogy project - I even went to far as to visit my relatives living in Tokyo and Osaka. I found out that some of my relatives way back when were actually in those "famous battles that took place in ancient Japan."

Let me tell you something - based on accounts taken down on washi scrolls, those crab battles left hundreds dead. They had no mercy whatsoever. It took about a dozen people to flip the giant "leader crabs," and even then it took a very well-made bamboo spear with a full tang steel blade to hit its weak point and cause major damage.

Meanwhile the little "worker crabs" would steal tea, rice, babies, and wheatmeal stick-shaped snacks covered in carob (which would later be mass produced by Glico to become the ubiquitous Pocky).

Oh, and they of course didn't have real-time weapon changes. Some poor bastard had to run onto the battlefield to bring the warriors their weapons, and were usually de-legged by pincers on their way back.

So screw you Sony, there's no way that one onscreen dude could topple that leader crab - I thought you were all about "realism." Thanks for distorting history, you mothercocks.

Posted at 6:24PM on May 27th 2006 by Justin

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