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PS3 dominates Japanese mind

Famitsu recently issued a report showing the top 10 items of interest to the Japanese from last week's E3. News surrounding Sony's next-gen console dominated the list, with the number one item of interest being the PS3's controller. The list reads as:

  1. Impressions of the PS3 controller
  2. Final Fantasy XIII information
  3. PS3 price and release date
  4. Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Snake playable announcement
  5. PS3 menu & interface
  6. PS3 online service
  7. PS3 game pics
  8. Polymorphic content surrounding FFXIII
  9. Dragon Quest Swords
  10. Square-Enix game pics

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Reader Comments

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1. This kind of stuff REALLY makes me dislike the Japanese sometimes. If you look at this list there is'nt ONE MS product or Game!! After the PISS POOR Showing that Sony gave at E3 it's amazaing that you as a fan of gaming would have anything nice to say about the mighty Sony!! Not to mention one game from the Wii, this is a totally biased opinion and just shows you the American Game Markey will never break into the Japanese market!!!

Posted at 1:25PM on May 17th 2006 by C, Ravitch

2. I agree with C, Ravitch. Sure the PS3 is a good console but WTF there keynote sucked and showed us nothing new (The stolen wii idea doesn't count, which is a horrid idea.) and they had nothing worth while at E3 (Except MGS and Assasin's Creed which looks sick).

Posted at 1:41PM on May 17th 2006 by Lt Vadali

3. Very close minded in Japan. Maybe it started from American cars? LOL...but anyway...some stats...

Japan population (estimate from CIA site


US population:


Europe population (European Union):


Dont really think Japan controls the market. Just lemmings who follow their fellow countrymen. Just think what US businesses (Xbox 360) would be like if Americans did the same? In summary...sell more in Europe, sell more in the US, you control the industry.

Posted at 1:49PM on May 17th 2006 by Cage

4. The american gaming market sucks, the japanese know what they are gerring with PS3. They see the 360 for the crap that it is. They should call it the FPS box, that all they do. Japaneses people are smart consumers sony is far superior to microsoft.

Posted at 1:53PM on May 17th 2006 by Pedro

5. They liked the PS3 controller? I thought everyone said it sucked at E3.
Microsoft did the tilt-feature on a controller about 11 years ago and apart from that, its nothing new from the bad-designed controller they've had for the PS1 and PS2.

Posted at 2:16PM on May 17th 2006 by Unlike Me

6. I am a PS3 fanboy(that's why I am here), I am not as fanataic as some, but if I had to choose I would go with sony. Anyway, my point is, bad publicity is still publicity and this doesn't necesarily mean what you think. Up to now the japanese were the PS3's favourite, and vise versa, so they would obviously be interested to see what's going on. Thier response to what they saw isn't clear, only what they were actually intersested in. I hate the PS3 price(not gonna keap me from getting one) but I was still really interested in finding out, so yeah, same idea I guess.

Posted at 3:16PM on May 17th 2006 by Metacore

7. What a dipshit, Cage. Japan controls the market not for its population size, but for its game and console development companies; not just because they are a lot, but because they are actually good, unlike others. Also, the ratio of gamers in japan is bigger than elsewhere.

Sony will also sell in the US and Europe. And by the way, I thought you said that you post before 9 AM and after 6 PM. Unless you are from Europe or somewhere else, you must have been "working" by the time you posted that hilarious comment.

Posted at 3:44PM on May 17th 2006 by boots (former bd)

8. Not sure you know how to tell time boots. Post says 1:49 PM but I dont know...maybe you calculate...switch a few numbers and come up with whatever time is outside of the time I said. But anyway...please respond. Your credibility is at stake.

Clearing up some PS3 confusion
Posted May 14th 2006 10:00PM by Christopher Grant in Joystiq

"Boots (bd-whomever you are this week), and I quote
Now, if I do recall ( and many people including myself DO recall your PS3 comments when the 360 was coming out)...

"PS3 - DUAL HDMI OUTPUTS - 360 is junk using analog




Shall I continue?"
Posted at 12:56PM on May 15th 2006 by Kevin D

I thought you were an expert in the gaming field?

Posted at 5:17PM on May 17th 2006 by Cage

9. Boots...just realized that you did ride the small bus and cant read. I ONLY post from work. Otherwise I would be playing my 360.

Posted at 5:38PM on May 17th 2006 by Cage

10. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Boots. Lil Bitcch.

Posted at 7:51PM on May 17th 2006 by SfGanjaMan

11. Check this out guys:

Now: boots (former bd)

Next Week: boots (former bd (still a bitch))

Always: (former bd (still a bitch (owned by Xbox 360 and Wii Fanboys)))

Posted at 10:33PM on May 17th 2006 by LongshotX

12. :-)

Posted at 10:34PM on May 17th 2006 by LongshotX

13. Hey Cage,

Thanks for the report. I've kindly addressed that message, were it belongs. You can look at it.

Truly yours,


P.S.: Since nobody cares if you post from work or not (because either way, you are an idiot; for doing it, of pretending to), I couldn't care less for being accurate with you.

Oh, and SFGanja, cut the Ganja already; it's making your messages not legible.

Posted at 11:54PM on May 17th 2006 by boots (former bd)

14. Boots, is my laughter not visible through your clouded eyes.

Could this be your moment of clarity?

Does it suck seeing your bullshit put to your face?

Boots where is your response to these quotes?

Your credibility is shit.

Posted at 1:27AM on May 18th 2006 by SfGanjaman

15. "Boots, is my laughter not visible through your clouded eyes. "

Boots is your laughter which is not through.... what? Who the hell are you talking to, and what is that sentence supposed to mean? Is that supposed to be a question directed to me? Because I can't find the question mark. Stop doing Ganja, because apparently it screwed with your brains already.

"Could this be your moment of clarity? Does it suck seeing your bullshit put to your face? "
Boots where is your response to these quotes?"

Where do you think it is, dipshit? Don't you think I would respond to the "quotes" (which are bullshit, for the most part) where the original thread is, or does it have to be spoon fed to you?

"Your credibility is shit."

You never had credibility in the first place.

I just realized that Cage had been looking for me two days ago so I could respond to a thread that was started 4 days ago. I had long forgotten about it! And to think he's busy "working", but apparently not busier than me. Then all you guys have an orgasm because you'd like to think I've been "owned"... Could you 360 fanboys get more pathetic? *sigh* Get a life, people.

Posted at 2:39AM on May 18th 2006 by boots (former bd)

16. As an unbias reader, I would like to point out that it is true. Boots' credibility is shit. And regardless of what he says (or doesn't say) about me, it doesn't change that one fact. Shit is shit, no matter how many different ways you look at it.

As for Japan, I really don't see what the fuss is about. I may not be purchasing a PS3, but I don't throw a fit just because some people in another country have a different opinion. It's just an opinion, and whether you're for or against Sony this time around, you should at least respect that. Grow up.

Posted at 8:41AM on May 18th 2006 by NGG

17. NGG, if you were "unbias" (sic), then you would be so kind as to explain why my credibility is "shit" (and how can credibility be "shit" anyway? that doesn't even make sense), just as you just explained why an opinion should be respected. "Shit is shit", wow, good explanation "NGG". Whoops, your credibility just went down the drain.

If you simply said that I have no credibility because of those quotes that are either fake or incomplete, then go to the site where those quotes are written and look for my response, instead of looking like a guy that constantly consumes Ganja. I guess Cage, as kind (and pathetic) as he is, will look for my response, and post it here. What he will probably do next, is incite somebody to respond, because it matters to him.

Nobody in his right mind would think that Cage, SFGanjaman, or any other of the trolls have more credibility than me. Much less if you are not biased.

Posted at 9:31AM on May 18th 2006 by boots (former bd)

18. Yes Cage and company has gone too far. This is borderline harassment. The mods should ban them. They dont contribute anything they just endlessly troll post with uninformed comments and ridiculus flaming battles.

Posted at 10:19AM on May 18th 2006 by Fan

19. Lol. I think that was the point, Boots. He spent, what, a couple words on you, and you completely blew-up. And I looked, and I he never said anything about Cage and that Ganja dude. Maybe that's why he called it shit. And just like he doesn't matter what you say about him, because that has nothing to do with your credibility being shit.

I also don't think he's feeling too threatened, if that's what you're going for. I mean, he did leave his website on his name. Maybe he thought you were important, and wanted to say something about it on his page.

Posted at 12:31PM on May 18th 2006 by iHate

20. boots (former bd) and LongshotX have both been deducted a star. It's OK to debate and have differing opinions, but this conduct of calling names and flaming isn't condusive to civilized discussion.

Posted at 1:05PM on May 18th 2006 by David Hinkle

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